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Would you on the be united fan or a liverpool fan right now great football with no trophies or dower football and second place you know what i'm gonna say and by the way i don't think you win trophies by playing dapple and i don't think it'd be fair to say that man united doubt twin the europe league i think we tend to lump it in marino down football and i think that's a little unfair to the point that his teams have not been winning at the point that they've not one trophies they played very careful when they win trophies you got to beat a lot of teams to go win that and they play pretty good football look i would rather of course it's tough to look at most isla unto all my god i'd love to be watching liverpool play but i do think again and again and again what is the point of you not going to win trophies i think man united have got to win something this year i don't think that finishing second also in the premise league is going to be enough they to win something and so it's all in the fa cup to me room for be liverpool because they really building something special watching amazing magician build it believable house of cards marina is rebuilding plan it sounds like it's going to be to spunk more cash on massive name stars they're matter who comes in his what you worry with marines tactics especially in big game see seville only gonna get as risk mitigation and i will say this in the united funds can clip it next season if i'm completely wrong and throw back in my face old trafford never going to warm to say marine another all want louis van gaal and david moyes back i mean this is this is the reality is what is you compare everything to pet guardia not every team can go and win and yes due to liberal yoga plot but we can a half ago i'm not sure that you would have even asked the question about who would you rather be a liveable fan romance united fan right now let alone about it in the same way so ball is this amazing cycle.

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