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Pressure. Brought to you by the American Heart Association American medical association and the ad council. Influential conversations from Bloomberg television. Here's Tom McKenzie. With puget comrade CNET European rate stratus at Toronto dominion bank puja good morning. Thank you for joining us. Amid the calls increasingly that there is going to be a recession stateside an unemployment rate of 3.6% and a further 372 plus thousand jobs added to the U.S. jobs market. Good morning, yet another very strong payroll number, as you said, there is no weakness that we saw. Yes, the participation rate is going slow, but it's not strong enough for fair to slow down right now. So as you mentioned in the news as well, markets are well priced for 75 basis points of hikes in the dry meeting and another 54 September. And I think that is the key message we also got from the minutes from cintra that price to Middle East till they're mandate. But again, markets are focusing on the recession part of it. We actually put 60% probability of recession in 2023. So we are still far back with respect to recession. 60% chance in 2023 of a U.S. recession. Yes. So we do think that indicators will start slowing down, but it's going to come in 2023. So which means that fed officials will start continuing their hiking cycles, continue to sound hawkish, and I think this week's CPI report is going to be a key driver for markets again. Here, more conversations like this one on Bloomberg television, streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings. I think that ultimately the price of oil or the fed or maybe the strong dollar will lead us into a recession and when

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