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Get close to Oh my God. Frankencense pouring out of it. It was just. Go, go on Golgotha the hill. Yes. I WANNA go back. Well, Cheryl's dad is a baptist pastor. Tours, over, there. He's the one that used to do the tours the Holy Land Tours. So Cheryl had been over there maybe four times. You know this was my first time and I just I was totally taken back. Yeah. You can't you can't expect the feelings you're going to have. It's. Very intense I loved it. I. Loved it and the Sea of Galilee and all those things. It was just magic I. I went on a tour and you know I recommend going on an actual tour so you can. Will you and the thing is when you're in the Old City and you look down and you realize there's another city under the city yes which is the older city where's the city just go? Oh my gosh. How old is this? and. You know. We think you know like Moose own francs is old. Still, my favorite restaurant favorite restaurant. Absolutely. Go there when you come to town. Oh absolutely and it's packed. You mean you can't get in. I know. We're all praying at lives through the virus. Yeah. A lot of things are. Where you guys are I think Phoenix is a lot more open. You know. La Is. Pretty tight. My daughter Calico lives in Pasadena right and she's a groundlings. She's a pro. How cool and also the lead singer in a band called Bistro Blanco. All your kids, musicians, all of them. Yeah. My Youngest Sonora Sonora is here at the House. Now, she's going to give me my fourth grand child only my first girl oh little. Well, we got to I think we're GONNA call her. Delray Diaz. Nice. So CALICO is whiter than you are yeah. I mean Sonora Sonora is whiter than you are and her name is Sedona Rosa. Maybe she identifies with their Latino brothers and sisters longer. Go Diaz is okay. Okay. Very, very cool guy. Very cool. So it'll be yes. Okay. Cool. You actually supposed to be on tour right now. Right? We were in Germany. and. We just finished Berlin and they said, you have twenty four hours to get out of Germany before we close the borders. And I figured well okay maybe a month off will be something you now and then we'll start back up. And you worry you know. Yeah that's what we thought. Yeah Yeah. California's bad California people just. Messing off. Well, do you know anybody that has this? Do you know anybody that has Kobe yes. I, know several people who've had it I only know one person that even had it. which is weird. Don't you think? Yes. Well, there's. How many billions of us so know and it's two percent I think people that get it. So yeah, there could be wide swaths of people who who, who don't you know who never know anyone who get who had it but several people John Brian died of it. Yeah. I know John Well in a lot of times people that have had heart problems that have lung problems. and. So when they die of usually heart failure they go it was cove it. Yeah you go. No, it wasn't wonderful. I know the numbers you know it's too vast I just hate it when it gets. To me to me to the suddenness political now should not be well, no. I agree with you on that. Tell us about your radio show that's gone. I mean my God that's gone on for fifteen years. How do you keep that going for fifteen years? I WANNA know because? I've been doing this for a year and a half. How do you do it for fifteen years? Thing Dick Clark before he died he said if you had a radio show, what would it be? I said I would take it back to nineteen seventy. Four. The disc jockey. Place whatever he wants and. He wants to talk about. Instead of a computer telling you what songs to play. -solutely I. Have a five hour show. I talk about all the backstage, talk about you all the time. and. You know because I have all the backstage stories you sure do and I got and you obviously have a good memory you brought sober many years ago. Well, you know I don't let the truth get in the way of a good story but. But. On top of it. I play. Love I played the doors I play them. All those bands that nobody else plays you know played Frank Culbertson. Oh, that's so cool and and you you tell little tidbits. Yeah. I tell stories that you know I was I tell him I was over there. One One night when Mick Jagger came in with. Marianne. Faithfull Yup and they were both so drunk that frank threw them out. You were there and I went holy crap. You can't. We'll Mick Jagger House, I know mercy. was there that night? Tells that story? Yes. About how frank kicked them out frank was so naive when it came to people being stoned yes. In those days I'm not addictive. Thank God. So nothing ever really got me. I was. Trying things out and I was on some like four reds at his house one nine seconds second. Exactly. That was the Whiskey ago-go drug. Any. Times on those there but. I was tripping I was tripping over things not tripping. Over things and he said, are you? Okay he was very concerned. I said Oh, I. Think I'm coming down with the flu everybody faked him out. It was kind of sad really. Naive about really was he was not into that at all you know. I think I saw drink beer and that was a well I never even saw that I know that mark and Howard. Got Him to puff on one refer. Yeah and he said it did nothing to him. He'd never tried it again and frankly frank alien anyway. So But let me you'd go you go over there and I saw him give Jimi Hendrix a Wa Pedal And it was Jimmy and I were friends Jimmy Gr- actually we're pretty good friends. He was the first one that ever passed me one of those silly cigarettes. Jimi Hendrix. What do you do with it? A. Boy That is quite a even if you weren't one of the most famous people on Earth that is quite a claim to fame. That's a pretty good. On this. That happened. It was an Arizona actually he played a show in Arizona. And we were. A holiday. Inn. He passes me enjoyed and I of course I took a hit of it and then he puts a quarter. In the bed and the bed start shaking and he says Oh, we're on a spaceship man. And went. Okay Spaceship, but he introduced us to ship. Oh. See at the landmark, right because we were living at the Chambers Brothers House. Okay. In the basement in watts and he more at he knew that we he was getting his grasp.

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