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Forward to go in there. It's always a good track for us amount of half's, in general are usually pretty good for us. But Chicago is kind of a one of the better ones for us in particular. What about that track present challenges from a crew cheese perspective to make a car fast there? Yeah. I think it's. The temperature usually when it gets hot it gets slick there and, you know, the lines move around a lot. And then she move around you get you have to just on the car a little bit different in the tire fall off. I think spread going to be be something that we have to deal with, and we go back, what does it compared to most most competitively in terms of how it races as he gets older? It's getting more say like Atlanta old Texas, maybe even Vegas. When you get that package to that, track a lot of folks are saying, now that this is the style of track that this package seems to favor. How do you see it? Yeah, I think for sure the more down for us in the lower orders. Power definitely seems like it, it makes better racing at the mile and a half stuff. So you know, we're looking forward to go in there at attract. You can you need to be able to make the car move around a lot and try different lanes. And that's key with this package as well. What adjustments to make the car before you even get started to make that happen? I think a lot of it's on, on the driver. You know, we're pretty fortunate because our driver moves around a lot and goes where the grips at and he's not married to to one lane. So I think that benefits us more than most, and I think our setups are catered around that with this package being what it is are all your notes pretty much invalid now. Or are there still some things you can apply? When you go to a track that you've raised a different package at there's not a lot that carries over. It doesn't seem like from last year this year, just because they react, so much differently in your driving them so much differently. You're, you're not off throttle through the corner. You're running part throttle. Most corners. So, you know, they're driving quite a bit different. So what you have to do to get the car to, to drive well, especially off the corners, quite a bit different strategy wise. Is there anything unique to that track or is it pretty much like the mile and a half in terms of how you have to call a race? I think if the tire fall off, is what we expect, and if it's more than normal than short pitting and things like that will come into effect, and obviously, it's risk versus reward when you short, pit whether you get caught by caution or not. But if you you can short pit not get caught by caution. You stand to benefit pretty, well there you mentioned the surface, getting a little worn out. Does that mean that you really can't take the chance on to tires, if you need it for track position or can you? You can we haven't seen a lot of tracks where the left side whereas been an issue. But in general, I would say that's more of a four tire track unless you get to the special circumstance where you don't have a lot of laps in you. You got a chance to get track position late in the race to thanks through Tom and maybe guys will get one spot better this time around. Let's hope so that was what he Kane and Kyle Larson, screw chief, Chad Johnson. Thank you. He RAM. We'll have live. Coverage of the Camping World. Four hundred Sunday two p m eastern time, live from Chicago coming up Ross Chastain will join us to talk about the last couple of weeks and his outlook for the rest of the season and later what types of pizza, do some of the NASCAR garage prefer wall. Find out together. I America, it's the moment you've been waiting for. That's right. Outback delivery is here..

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