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The other charges i understand that flynn avoided had to do with violations of fleming called the farnese registration act while i've found a lot like the espionage act it's very different and those things were almost certainly having to do with his contract with a turkish businessman that was really with the turkish government and in that case i'm not trying to be a special cleaner here for flynn he had filed under something called the lobbying disclosure act but he did not use the more onerous foreign reagan say the station act uh and you know that that he probably should of in this particular eight uh again not you know sort of thing without that unfortunately in washington is something that is far more common that a lot of people say ally do you oppose the declassifying and publication of the newness memo then no absolutely not and i'll tell you why first of all i think that basically declassify in public the democratic response then hopefully declassify the original application for the fives warren on carter page uh the reason i think this is different if that new is memo is not telling as anything that we already didn't know it was already recorded the carter page was uh being surveilled the by the fbi uh as early as september 2016 uh in an article by a very good reported and michael isikoff pede reported that the fbi had received intelligence report but included carter page of meeting in moscow all that smell fishy i think that none of this stuff discredits the probe of robert muller into uh you know the rush influence operation in 2016 and their intelligence activities and potential connections to the trump campaign the problem man's is that when you have bits and pieces of that investigation that are leaked to the press it further politicise because that investigation and people like carter page are surrounded with all the suspicion without even being charged the climb and not having their you file that i think so much that's a columnist for bloomberg view coming up on bloomberg view we examine whether credit ratings firms will ever care about the borrowing beange in the united states i'm jim bone so and this is bloomberg why are beast dying what's the deal with north korea what exactly is bitcoin any get clear concise form minute answers to these and other complex questions with bloomberg quick date hard to.

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