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Cash that they made this show seen in 30 years to Nathan Apodaca? They need to The weekly billboard 200 charts is out in the number seven album in the country was released 43 years ago. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac You spend any time on the Internet this month, and I have not. You know that Nathan Apodaca went viral for the TIC tac video him. Skate morning were drinking cran raspberry juice and singing dreams, which is on the rumors album. Probably needs to get some money from. I'm guessing it's ocean Spring. Yes, Yeah, all right. They should probably be sitting in some jack a lot of truck because it's not a commercial. No, it's ah. Tic tac. Why don't know Tic tac video. I guess the album sold rumors sold 33,000 copies last week. That's rare for someone who did not die. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of the number one album last week, was Shoot for the stars. Aim for the moon by pop smoke, who did die well, actually was murdered in his home back in February of the age of 20. Things like five teenagers broke and 44 30 in the morning and decided to just unload. Might be enough to get me to go out and get a skateboard. I don't know if it's enough to get me to drink cran raspberry juice leased a skateboard and I'll do some research. Maybe I'll put myself on Tic Tac. That'll be Brad Shams. Cowboys report coming up next Election.

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