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Struggling to keep my place pugnacious guys so this hey that early shot me that definitely came from that time but my junior year of high school five kids not a lot of money how are we going to get these kids through college we moved to bozeman which is only ninety miles down the road but butte to bozeman it's like going from a tough mining town to the college town and my dad got a permanent job or so we thought at the ramada inn in bozeman montana the house ban right tuesdays through saturdays ninety nine pm to one am i used to sit in with him from time to time where'd you play with them with him usually keyboards and i had a brother that played bass and we had a tradition of trying to play with him over on new year so that was oh that's fun yeah we had a good time with that we moved there my junior year and december they were fired and he never played in bozeman again he went on the road until he retired a plan and all kinds of places but that move was critical to my education and my interest in russia because you know i was i didn't like writing i didn't like reading i'm not sure i'd have read a novel up to that point in my life and i was looking for the easiest way to get an a an english because i hated english at the time and my neighbor brighty sullivan she said the easiest way the mickey mouse course to get an a is debate class and so i took i signed up for the debate class and eventually.

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