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I welcome to classics for kids. When franz liszt was twenty he went to a concert by violinist niccolo. Paganini the first superstar classical musician panini was as big as any rockstar today and he put on a great show. He was pale and thin. The dressed in black. He also memorized all his music which most performers didn't do them and he came up with new very difficult effects on his instrument. Missed left pag concert thinking. That's what i want to do. So he invented the solo piano recital with the piano facing sideways on the stage so that the audience could watch his hands and face half a century after list was born. A polish pianist became a superstar. That's nick nazi yon paderewski performing his own music. Paderewski eventually became a politician and even spent time as prime minister of poland. Them clyburn got caught up in politics in a different way. Van clyburn was from texas and in nineteen fifty eight at the height of the cold war between the united states and russia he went to moscow and won the very first trajkovski competition which made him an instant superstar. When band clyburn got back to the state he became the only musician ever to get a ticker tape parade in new york. P. t. barnum of the barnum and bailey. Circus brought jenny lynn to america. She was known as the swedish nightingale. That's soprano joan sutherland. With a song. That jenny lynn sang all over the united states. Schools and bridges got named for her. And you could buy jenny. Lynn shirts ties coats hats pies cigars even jenny. Lynn sausages jenny lind lived before there were sound recordings but not enrico caruso. Thanks to recordings italian. Tenor enrico caruso became the most famous singer in the world. He made two movies but they were silent. Because caruso died before films became talkies nor singers. American tenor mario lonzo was born. The year caruso died. He became famous through the movies and wound up starring in one. Call the great caruso. Another tenor became world-famous. Thanks to television and concerts in stadiums. Opera fans and soccer fans fell in love with new chano poverty. There were also conductor superstars likely opposed to kofsky in the nineteen forty movie fantasia. He conducted his own arrangement of music by baa and he got to shake hands with mickey mouse husky. Lister stokowski my congratulations sir. The first american born conductor to become an international superstar was leonard bernstein. He was also a pianist and he composed for the concert hall and for broadway. Why classical music superstars today. Include trumpeter wynton marsalis who also plays jazz. And composes cellist. Yo-yo ma and pianist long long who loves to play list. That's the hungarian rhapsody number two by franz liszt list left hungary when he was ten and hardly spoke the language but he considered himself hungarian and always remembered the music. He heard as a kid more about that next week. I'm naomi lewin. I write classics for kids. And i produced this show.

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