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Me and Beverly Hills I never seen any kid my age. I mean I was so big at one point that the doctor. I do Dr Potentially, get my Patou. ITARY Glenn taken out because that would gland controls your growth hormone shit I mean I was. John. Was Year old man bigger your. Average site he was like six one but strong as an ox never lifted awaiting his life but Jesse. He could kill. From your mom. She has about nine inches to the left. And we see the comments. Are. Mark Stevens we got princess. Corey is always welcome to come on. Love. but my my parents were oddly shaped My Dad was six one to twenty. My mom was five four. But gigantic legs like. She has like. You know if you follow bodybuilding she was like. The Tom Platz Carterville Georgia in Taylor that did you. I kept it real even when. People. Thing I kept it real only on roast battle. I don't think. So Jack You. Wrong me I wrong you. Trust me, I hold a grudge I gotTA, keep it real sometimes So I get my odd shape. Like I'm not big but I'm not small. You know. You know like your s we have kind of a symbol tiny as i. put on twitter just today I put my freshman high school I found it was clean up my fucking Oh my freshman high school ide-, and I was like under a hundred pounds as a freshman as thirteen I started early. And then five four you know tying. Grew later but Well, it's weird how you grow or you just stop like I stop growing at Hobby Party soft more year just. I grew twenty would. fucking. But you know the doctor was like on our growth charts. This is like sixth or seventh grade. We have you as possibly getting his biggest seven feet. I'm, serious. Still they took out your know they all know. We're going to have to. seriously. You you camale folk in tag team off by the way speaking of Kamala I'd like to dedicate my. I, live inappropriate or at the comedy store to my favorite pro wrestler of all time. Kamala the Ugandan giant He died this week. Shout out to the WWE for taking care of him. After wrestling I mean, pro wrestling might be the only business they did not as. Married guy like. You think that they would be like, Hey, we're gonNA take care of you. We'll pay for your surgeries are. Madison they've banned them. So I- area I'm not. Give into the Kamala. Save. My legs foundation well, nothing now. So it was a waste of your fucking night game might normally and I tell people if you donate to kickstarter or go fund me which come all I had to go fund me for don't say it just do it anonymously. You really want the true Ben. So you're free and cleared it. So I gave a couple of bucks. Let's just say that way you like when Angelo bowers legendary comic the comedy store died I gave Josh, Meyers? Thousand Dollars. And then he showed up at the source of Cadillac. Fuck. that. But Kamala Just.

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