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Seven five right now round one of your Boehner's coming up. Did you see this or did I see we both leave together? I think you got it from you eating it. The pudding is a website. And you can just go to the pudding dot cool. I think and it's a website. That's pretty interesting. A this map comes from it. But if you look at the website in general Gina. No. I just clicked on. It's a map of the most Wikipedia did names from different cities all over the country. So people map of the United States, where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia resin like Portland is Steve Jobs. Now day. They're not necessarily born there it's just born there or lived there or connected to a place, it, I was thinking, oh, it's people born there. And it's like so said Ray Lamontagne who's really a great singer. Morgan, utah. What real Montaigne was born in mortgage. No, no, he wasn't born there. And that's not what they're saying. He spent his teenage years there. Oh, he was born in New Hampshire and then his mother moved to Morgan by. I don't know why probably had relatives there moved for family. I guess, Morgan Utah. And that's why Raila Montaigne is on Morgan Utah. Now, now, Salt Lake City not surprising. Ted Bundy, Ted Bundy, most Wikipedia person from Salt Lake City, Ogden, Utah, Bill Allred. No come on people. Get on it. Start Wikipedia who is Ogden Marie Osmond. So, yeah, a lot of people might not know the osmond's or not from Provo. No. My grandfather talked incessantly about how in George were good friends. Well, I was just upset because ROY if ROY Utah, most Wikipedia, d- person, Jim McMahon, of course, was he? From connected to. Born and raised in Utah. Okay. Okay. Who else not that I wonder if he's upset? Getty watanabe. As an Ogden boy, I know he lived in my neighborhood. Well, nobody's gonna get. Nobody's Wikipedia and Getty won't Nabi from sixteen candles because they can't spell. It could be. We've got we've got who else do we have David MacKay from Huntsville? We've got Katherine Heigl because she lives in Oakley. It's right. Dalla weeks Clearfield. He comes up in Clearfield. Okay. Why exactly did he go to school there? I know he has. Utah connection Kerry. Let's see. Let me go south. I don't think that they have the internet in my hometown, Salem doesn't show. But you know what does? So there's t-. There's. There's too close by in pace in its Joel jewel. She was born in pace. It's Jerry or it's too of singer and in Spanish fork. It's lucky blue Smith member that model that came in that guy. Yeah. But again, Carey should be carried Jackson. Well, I'm not surprised that it's that it's not me frankly. I mean I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will never be the grand marshal of the Salem days parade. Well, you were told you couldn't speak at schools anymore. I can't speak Spanish fork high school now. They've been the I know my friend Craig Bielig up in Ogden, who has some sway with the Ogden pioneer days has been been lobbying for several years me to be the grand marshal of the Ogden pioneer parade. No, no. They've said again, no they don't say who every year. They say preg-, we've told, you know, bringing it out, will never have him. We're glad build moved to Salt Lake City. He's, he's lived there now longer than he ever lived in Ogden, Robert, Redford for Provo, Gary Coleman, for Santa Quinn, of course. Tony Geary coleville Brandon flowers for knee fi, Mike look inland for Mount Pleasant early. Bobby brady. Yeah, he lived there for a while. Hey, is Frank Zamboni, the guy who invented the Sam bone? I think he is he, he's in your Eureka really invented the bony. Of course, Kristie. Did we mentioned Chrissy you know, she's from delta? So she's the most wicked. Let's see who else we have. I'm just going south. Rich Cassidy beaver vivere. James woods, vernal the what I think he was born vernal. Listen, I feel like I'm sorry to hear that vernal. You've had enough. I look troubles because all I have to do is click on that, and it tells you why vernal. Look up James woods. That's that's about. He was born in. Vernal. Warnin vernal team. Forty-seven. Sorry. But it's actually it's kind of a so I tweeted this out yesterday. I could probably re tweet it again. It's just fun to look at the whole country and see. Like Ernest Hemingway, Ketchum, Idaho. You think of him being in Florida? His his he was born in Ketchum and his they still have a, you know, a lot of Hemingway stuff there and catch him his houses preserved and all we don't read much in kitchen, or carrot here, the way, I did tweet that map at Bill Carrey for you Christina Hendricks twin falls. She is for minor. Twin full win. You don't twin falls Kerry. Idaho. Well, how do I how do I get me to be the most wicked person in Salem, do I have to go to Salem in Wicky? No. Just people have to so we can put the call out now. Just doing just go to Wikipedia and search for Kerry, Jack go to go to Kapiti Sam Bill Allred. I'm gonna beat Marie Osmond. I am lobbying hard to be asked to be the grand marshal of the Salem days parade so that I can tell them. No. They're never going to do. I want to be asked so that I can tell them. No, I want to be asked could be the grand marshal, the Ogden parade. 'cause I do it. I wouldn't quick thing about this. I don't understand who I guess, because there are more people do Wikipedia, Wicky me. So I would show up on him, but just not as I guess, just not as many. That's how they pick them. I, I don't know if I have a Wicky, even I haven't even looked at you. Traffic. That's the question. Let's see friends of the program saying, slower southbound I fifteen six fifty north in Clearfield to seven south wreck on the two zero one at banger delay heading northbound, thank you friends, the program.

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