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I'm gonna do a dirty means. I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill the heck out of so many of them in the movie. Kaieda him simmered that you got a guy. China solve the mystery of his dead parents. Not dead parents did Wife and kid subs the whole mystery. Revolves around this drug. That makes you see gargoyles. Makes you see gardens a drug that. If you take it there is as they called the valkyries. The the these cg demons that you'll see will make you kill yourself for roared like a lion. Things something. I was never know the thing is. I enjoyed that movie for the wrong reasons but so frigging stupid. The dialogue is so bad like mark. Mark wahlberg as max payment he is. He's terribleness badly. The girl who voices meghan family guy issues like the psychic character. The only gosh ludicrous. The acting was so bad yet. Ludicrous to sing. Max payne over and over again. Max payne the role of max payne and the rain and max payne max payne. This mets pain that the cell the cell dumb. The movie is they have seen. I'm gonna. I'm gonna stop after this because otherwise i'm going to talk about the how bad and how awesomely bad movie forever but there was a scene and i love the scene. The scene were define out about this drug about the out. Grease they go to this tattoo. Artists who does looks at them with the serious face. It just has a lying expedition about the theories of death and of religion lake. He opens up a book. And he's like you see here the only way you'll actually go to heaven is if you dine. Violence remember that. You can't go to heaven unless you die all.

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