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Now let's get back to the twelve beers of Christmas twelve beers a Christmas Brian. We have went through eight of them. We have we have went through eight of them. And we're having to pace ourselves BRI. Yes because we are mature and responsible. Beer drinkers don't Wanna get crazy here. Bridge which are you holding up over. There does good as crew on a lady. Corona Corona could starts right. So yeah we're doing. We're doing all right here. So the next four beers there's in our twelve years of Christmas we have Sierra Nevada's celebration fresh hop IPA. We got into twenty-first minutes fireside chat would is a winner l. so we got into one that there's absolutely no way. I'm going to say this correctly. Brian is a Belgian beer. Cursed Matzke Brian. I'm gasol I'm I'm okay with that. That's their Christmas nightcap winter l. and also bells Christmas L. Though got classic the Classic Bells Christmas L. It you know as we go on the ABC's creeping up this isn't that mid right yes were down lane which is why it's very important that we pace ourselves out because the last four years that we going into are going to be the some of the biggest boost ones Belgians and imperial stoute's indeed and segment four is going to be super segment fori super segment for yes looking forward to that Brian. Christmas Beers You know there was a time and I believe you've got a little more information for us on that I believe it was in twelfth. Well th- century Norway. You're actually required by law written law to brew Christmas Beers at Right. Yeah actually that is true. I'd never ever heard of this until recently on that Lars blog where he documents that Norwegian Farmhouse Ales famously but everything else about Norwegian beer culture in twelfth while century Norway. It was illegal not to brew beer for Christmas. It wasn't a kidding around situation. They were serious about it according to the Gula thing law. Aw if you didn't brew a beer for Christmas you had to pay three marks to the bishop which apparently was a big fine if you didn't brew a beer for three years and you didn't pay the fees is your properties would be seized and split between the Church and the crown and only if you confess your sins may penance. Would you be allowed to continue living in Norway so they were serious about otherwise. You're exiled from the king's realm right. That's six Christmas beer or get out of here. That seems seems like an easy one not to get busted on right. Yeah in a lot of people. Were already brewing beer so you would think it would be a no big deal. That here's the thing eh with all weird beer loss is a good chance religion was involved. This was driven by religion. So it wasn't so much that you had to do the beer. You had to brew Beer on Christmas and Toast Christ and the Virgin Mary or mother Mary specifically so that was what it was because Christmas basically took over jewel which it was a holiday that they had you know in the Pagan Celebrating vaping celebrating vapor. Yes yeah all those tobacco things. Yeah it's fantastic. Everybody was getting getting off cigarettes back there and twelve with their e CIG rate health. You know it. It was great when they're rating towns but Yes so they needed you to brew this beer. I specifically to toast Christ and mother. Mary and that was what it was so it was part of Christianity taking kind of taking over Norway because this was a big time when they they were moving from basically pagan a lot of paganism into Christianity. And a lot of crossover there and actually that's Christmas got aligned with Pagan celebration since their ruin your Christmas beer probably newly called Christmas exactly at that time and had to had to bless it to the Christian And if you did they weren't happy again you. You had a lot of the penalties. Initially were to the church the only time. The crown got kickback. As if they were seizing your assets and kicking you out of the country so I like how the final penalty penalty is. Give me all your stuff and leave get out of here when it comes down to like all right. I'll prove the beer. That's fine. Yeah easy demand. Let's brew this beer of the Beers we've had here Brian None of them Norwegian so far not a single one not a single one. But we've had some good ones. What are your thoughts? It's on round to the next forebears. We've had I the the beer that we can't pronounce it. I've never even heard of before the Kurt smooth smooth ski the Christmas nightcap from Belgium. That's my winner right now. That's of now that you've found before you went to the store. Do you just see it on the shelf for it. I saw the shelf. I I'd never heard of it. It's like Christmas nightcap. Oh this is a wild card. This could be anything. I was expecting very little honestly and It's delivered deliberately can flavor. Oh this is fantastic. Fantastic Ridge were you familiar with this. One never heard of it not on the shelves at Spray Bottle Shop in Marietta Georgia but you guys to at all. It's it's got hype. Yes build the hype man. Build the hype. What was your number one bridge the same one? Yeah Zack which which was your top one there. Okay that it gives to the bells. He gives the Christmas L.. And then so so. That's he said. The Kurtz Mickey got number. Two Kurtz Mickey got my number one. That was a surprise. I didn't expect back from an unknown Belgian beer. You know coming out there but I always enjoy Belgian Christmas beer so you know bring it on. It had big Almost a fruit cake spicy. Oh Yeah Nice March. The Good Belgian character just excellent holiday character Do Pretty carbonated kind of almost effervescent. I wrote effervescent investment in my little notes here. Yeah that's that was a surprise man. I love that one a lot. What's your current number? Well maybe I shouldn't ask you. What your current number two is over whenever to over all four? Maybe if I'M GONNA wait till we get all twelve before I go that I'm taking it one step at a time here on four that we've just had the four that we've just had a firestone chat firestone and I like that one I got I got a little essence a fireplace in there. Maybe a touch of of smokiness Again Katie. I think a lot of he's with the Malt and the spices shirk. Christmas cake comes to mind I really enjoyed that one a lot. I'm GonNA throw their bells. Got Me number. Three almost almost tasted like the hops in there were still to me. It had what I'm going to call a little vintage taste that I didn't I'd event it didn't dig and celebration. Jason gets number four out of this next. I'll tell you there's only one reason why gets number four and that is simply because it didn't say Christmas two hundred percent Ordina glass right. Yes the Lucius beer delicious beer and I'm not typically a real big hop head like this but you know there wasn't wasn't a ton of bitterness not overly bitter beer but the season right and that's it for me to bridges the beers delicious. It just didn't do it for me for Christmas. That's a great cold weather. Ip for people who liked that or like your Red Ale replacement type of thing. Because you don't see a lot of that not that many radios anymore and I kind of had that little bit of that Vibe to me I like it i. I could drink that that all throughout the cold weather. I got the celebration The celebration Al at Decatur Beer fast and it was a cold and rainy day this year. Educator Educator Beer fest and it was it was delight IRV really good so but if we're going Christmas bring me some of those spices. Bring me a little character to it. I think his what's doing it for me. Okay so with the bells. Christmas sale my one thought is of all these. A lot of them have had a bigger spice presence. That was more rich and I think they were going for a hearkening working back to like the the heated Wa- sales of your with the booze of your of your. Yeah that's that's the cells of your the technical term for your are and you'll of your when they stopped heating up beers at at Christmas time do two hops not tasting good when they're heated. They tried to replace that with alcohol. Warmth and I. I think that's what they did there and I appreciate what bells did with that. I kind of like that. All right did not notice the Vintage shops but I wouldn't be surprised I guess by that. Will you be making some Glue Creek again in this year Brian. Yes I'm going to say yes. I haven't put down firm plans to it but yes I have the the right bottle for that. Is that a winter wine Nelson Glueck Creek. You know what gloominess are okay so glue creek is basically the same thing but with creek. I won't use a creek beer. You know so. It's a a hot spiced creek. got that idea from cascade. And I've been using their creek every year as long as I have bottles to make Glue Creek you warm it up. You add some honey to it at had some fruit to it asks them mulling spices and I can tell you really good taste very impressive..

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