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But later on, it became more steady at the seller and that Caroline's on Broadway. And then, yeah, those are the ones that I remember when I got into Caroline. I mean, when I got into the cellar, I was working there like 7, 8 shows at night, you know, whatever. Yeah, yeah, it was crazy. It was going everything. At least 5 shows. And then, you know, Caroline as well. They used to let me open. I got to open for so many people. I got to Caroline's first. And they would let me open for the weekend with take Gregory or Gilbert Godfrey or Jim Jefferies. Great kind of legendary stand ups that I only saw in television and getting to work with was a huge motivation, you know? That was a fun time to the 2000s for comedy because you see it in the movies too where I was watching the hangover. I was finding a Boston for one of the Celtic games. And I was JetBlue and they have the TV, so but they don't have the real movie channels. They just have like the TV movie channels. And bravo. And it was just completely mutilated. It was like a butylated corpse. They are cut and jokes left and right. They're pretty good stuff. And it was like 40% of what the movie was, which the whole point of that movie was to cross some lines. In that era, it feels like it's gone now. Well, yeah, it seems like I don't know. I think, I don't think it's the artist though..

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