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To pivot with Carousel and Scott Galley. Every Tuesday and Friday subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or WHEREVER YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS. That was fantastic stuff from Neville gala. More the cowboys third round pick He's going to play a major role. The cowboys defense align this year has a ton of upside. He brings a ton of character to the table. Just a really good player on the field. Really great player off the field. We're excited to see what he does wearing. The Star doesn't have to travel far from home as he's been in Oklahoma. The last few years played under Lincoln Riley at the University of Oklahoma so we are excited to see what he does with the defense align beside Gaza Gerald McCoy Don Terry Po Antoine Woods Tristen Hill. There's GONNA be a ton of guys on that interior battling it out and Neville Gallimore has a ton of upside there to make a difference for the cowboys. Defense Align in twenty twenty and the near future. But let's get onto our second interview of the day with Fourth Round. Pick cornerback out a toll. So Reggie Robinson Reggie is a very very exciting player a ton of upside. There's well athletic traits physical traits. He's got it all the cowboys. Got a really good player in the fourth round. And Reggie Robinson and we are excited to be joined by by him on the podcast today. So let's dive into our second interview of the show. Welcome Reggie Robinson. Tulsa cornerback cowboys fourth round. Pick Reggie man how you doing today. Good how about you. We are doing great. We Got Myself Dalton Miller on the call today he wasn't on her first podcast but he's back with us today. So we are excited to talk to Reggie Robinson the cowboys fourth-round corner out of Tulsa Reggio wanted to start off. Take us through draft day Thursday. Friday Saturday you were the first pick of the cowboys had on Saturday. That fourth round pick take us through that that day for you know ahead of been a roller coaster of emotions kind of just sitting by the phone who you were with what your plans were for that day. Just take us through the day you got that call in which you had Planned for that day for draft like people were asking me. What all these things do. I just thought it was gonNA be something small. Really just me my immediate family. My Mom Dad and my sister so the first day I watched her drive. Just 'cause I it was like one of those things I san see. Who's doing in the first round and by parents like we were watching that like together in the second day. I wouldn't plan on watching it. My agent told me this about the phone bill.

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