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Situations at the offices of corn Crenshaw yes we are and we're joined by Ben Clements star of the end zone club which again I'm an up on our two sports Saturday Vern I gotta ask you I heard what Pfizer Canion said the U. F. T. major iconic call of necklaces putt on number seventeen in nineteen eighty six you want to repeat that well hi I just remembered remote more differently than what he says is what is what he did when I got back to the compound and they do give us a bit off guard because worker considerably distance away from what we interpret golf course mostly where I located sixteen we wear nine seven great all weekend of golf course across the fairways Eric the the park for a level of and when we got back Frank came out can I get out of the golf course there new year's not a warming causing human why should we gloss in few years ago but he looked up in the air tears in his eyes and he just gave me a hug and I thought this might be the greatest compliment ever received in my life coming from him are you know are you agree than Scott you guys know we call that night hello he was a he was a dandy for Lucy a dandy five five five we've called and I told partly out of respect but ninety nine percent of it was out of fear and so worked for Frank to be demonstrative about that call which was pretty extraordinary and the vital ESPN our televised VAT sit resettled by the eighty six masters hi forget Tuesday or Thursday I guess it was and I've got a lot of response from from our friends you are able to walk I was I was doing something on the on the satellite I'm in on my computer and I was alerted to the fact that the SP added I was about to out of war was televising the eighty six masters so I quickly jumped up turned it on and got it on my screen just in time dear Jim Vance says Jack birdied the sixteenth goal following the legal one fifteen on on on on our grand Jim said the bear has come out of hibernation and I thought that slurred nicely appraising there's Kenny venturi was then working at thirteen and he got in his golf cart came by sixteen protect your Manser given back to the compound and venturi and Jim was telling the story Ben cherry said I've been coming here since the fifties Thomas you you're never going to have to date as memorable as this one Canaccord German and back now and Lanny Wadkins was was a commentator on this two thousand and four our our telecast and he was replaced by Nick Faldo but we have had moments I think the equal pay act copyright two thousand five tiger last year for sure right that's always my favorite boarding afternoon against mark lamberti Jack may concerts Hey very this is been here I was just wondering a you know as a broadcaster your voice is kind of like a time machine for sports fans all around the country you know what I hear voice I think of that shot tiger made no five what's the call that you hear or you remember that still gives you butterflies or a call that you hear and you think gosh that was a good one right there probably five just the way the drama unfolded the tiger had a one shot lead with three holes to play a would be peacock agree corrals and barns and he pulled her fears he shot way over years without I'd wipe it off back there on the tarmac German was over I think he had like forty five feet the center of the green and the happiness the chip shot corporately and then it took a right turn went down and as we all remember I think it sat on the left arm for one point eight seconds and then fell and then I believe my usual the court there that declared Kerry skills commentary still didn't work get out I reacted by saying well while and then as he came up I said leave your life have you ever seen like that anything like that well it's true that I was reacting as I think fans around the world will reacting I've never seen anything like that in my life and after was all over you guys I was back in the compound we have press office there they were fielding phone calls from writers and broadcasters around the country and I was still on the line I couldn't begin to tell you now one week after a lecture where he was but he said I want to ask you about your call at six three and I said sure go right ahead he said you write that you just come up with all the boss and I thought that's one more ridiculous questions I mean no I I've I could sleep on Saturday night so I thought if darker hi if he pulled his tee shot at sixteen any chip set up and it makes a right turn LCA all while in your life I said no no no it doesn't work that way he's got to react one more fact tiger and tomorrow on CBS I would highly recommend that everybody who loves the sport as we all do watch the replay of last year's masters Jim is going to have tighter in isolation you know that and so stay at home rule hiker is used gas and that'll come out throughout the final round that night last year we have a gathering on Sunday night after it was over and we were up was with the what we'd just save this but it was a bookcase dinner and was held at the home which is directed by Joan and loss of president CBS sales and your husband are our surgeon Dr Mike and we have some celebrity guests there on Christmas Eve CBS and I will that Nancy that didn't look very warm and I was asked by one of the stars of bull what did you say when tiger was in sixteen and I said well I remember I did say the last time he was in this position one shot lead three holes to play he pulled out an eight iron I only remember what happened only colder cars are not guaranteed this will be a better shot he said he has perfect he shot eight iron again caught the ridge rolled down and it almost went in the hole hi and so the end of the call I said well what did you say there and here's a sign of increasing age I said I don't remember after putting it did we got mark Kerr look back to the the whole world we were living for the week and she said I'm going to bed I said I got to find out what I did say when that ball almost one whole well it did grow I've watched the replay employees when they got to sixteens I said what I just told you once at least creel's why you'll have a better shot this time and when the ball rolls by the crowd and stop leaving him an up hill street corner I laid out I didn't I didn't say anything and but I was greeted when I when I watched it I thought this might be the greatest contribution the commentary of sixteen hours since they started playing this tournament I just shut up and now we can't really hurt you guys eight would you just please shut up hello a very yeah I we've got to go we've got a break for the news I'm not telling you to shut up I don't ever tell you to shut up we've got to go to.

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