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They hi to adam who just playing back interview the dude himself. Jeff bridges love jeff. Bridges jeff bridges and. I shared a very challenging moment together. Probably the hardest thing i've ever had to do as a broadcaster. Oh i went live at. The premiere of the giver popular book turned into a movie. Jeff bridges starring alongside. They'll to favourite taylor swift. Yes live premier outside the fame ziegfield on fifty four street about two minutes before air. We found out the news. That we lost robin williams. Oh how and i to go live for three hours seven years ago today today talking about it. I didn't know that. Wow and jeff. Bridges walked up on the stage. She fisher king. You know yeah and starts crying. I've got jeff bridges crying. And i'm live all robin williams path and just held him held space for him. Jeff had known my my late uncle warren for many years so i kind of had a relationship and kind soul and we just. We just shared that moment of how saturday was at the time. We didn't know what it was or why hadn't feeling. We got through that when i got back to. La at my house. The beautiful handwritten letter from jeff bridges thanking me for sharing that moment with him but i thank him for being so raw. Honest with us in. That moment is terrible. Eight arable. yes. Well see pockets of the universe had no idea. We talk about that a lot. Tj and find stuff for the stars aligning here. We are sharing that story of a move. That was by that moment. No idea seven years thousand fourteen. How i love looking on my dad's old interviews a robin. They had such a funny thing. You look up. Jeffrey lines interviews robin williams. Just terrific stuff. He's the only one i ever saw with robin. Who could go toe to toe with references. And make him laugh. Hey that's the smoot. She had to subpoena people to see it and robinson you'll do what direction he was going to go in. And you never knew. He's like a bouncy ball and that credit aspect was a mime outside the met. My robin williams is a mime. Trying to get money on the street. I can see that. Yeah well was like like. I said kevin costner has been hearing told the story. Robin williams was the first choice for field of dreams. The field of dreams game taking place tomorrow starting tomorrow. Yeah out there. We should get adnan on. We were talking about having somebody from the dreams. Game who's on the ground in the cornfields. Adnan virk perfect person movies in baseball and in the studio said we want somebody who looks like they don't hear voices in the core. I right whereas robin williams does another ray liotta reference here today. What what show. What show alright birthdays today guys. Tj this one's for you the immortal hulk hogan sixty eight hulk hogan hell no if it's so much for me anymore brother but but yeah i mean just wrestling and my dad did the junket for i believe. Suburban commando is at the movement. Commando suburban commando dad. Can i please come to bring to meet hulk hogan ten at the time i think. Yeah sure of course. Can i bring seven of my friends. So then we did break. Seventy seven of us right now peacock alive. Look at me. And he's going to meet hulk hogan those wrestling ice cream bars. Yeah avenue afterwards the mock turtleneck so to meet hogan i was like oh go to meet hulk hogan today let me put on my neon green polo shirt of bolo tie in colorado rock. Ready to go now. Att on the right. Let your friend is jonathan. Yeah there's a bunch of legends. In that i remember meeting hulk hogan hogan's look like he's enjoying a junket now trying to get urban commando komo questions documentary about logan. Not about his life. What about the role. He played in that wild gawker case or was the website or go watch the documentary about thousand net flicks tremendous as that sunday's a couple years ago. They took it all down wild story. Yeah hogan at the center of our moral cogan all right. It looks like all cogan. Chris hemsworth you said. Dj he's playing all. Yeah in the hulk cogan bio-pic which question about bio-pics of wanting to do and i think maybe later this week we should do that but yeah apparently chris hemsworth in. I showed you a picture. A few weeks ago tire flipping attire. And let me tell you something. Chris hemsworth is here. Is i'm just going to say. She's a beautiful man. Privilege of interviewing him a few times over the years you mentioned bio pics. Let's start as the driver. James hunt in the movie rush- the formula one movie movie. Great movie. yeah. I remember being on except for that. One across the pond got to interview him in character. And i was like. Wow this dude is. That was a great handsome man here. Some flowing locks that he's got on his head. There was a great movie. Daniel bruhl key loud dana bruins nicolau down when they're putting the the pipes down his throat after the accident. That's crazy last picture. Now you're about six three. You look like you were towering. Is that just because of the depth thing shorter than you. Is that just a weird angle. Are you prepared to say. He's not as tall as we think he is. I don't hemsworth is breaking six feet. Four thunder of asgard might be five eleven and change. I dunno young six three. That i can take hemsworth on the low post. Drop step in and say someone who's six three six three here. He looks like they're getting into character and becoming james hunt and getting a little shorter so he could fit in the nineteen seventies formula. One car dedicated. If we find out thors waste smaller foil. The one time kit harrington came in here. And you're like man. I love jon snow. But he's he's like muggsy bogues like post pocket. Sword is bigger than him. Try by all answer. I will make the argument. That muggsy bogues is not get the credit. His greatest athletes of all time mugs books. He's real formula. One cars out there are on our directing that was movie. Daniel bruhl terrific a fox. I had the pleasure doing like mixing formula one and then in the mid nineties and that was when i saw that movie i was like that was like wow guys. Were like yeah. She was awesome. Davis is fifty six mike You have to big thanks to this guy. Steve wozniak seventy my guy. This guy over here. Mr apple and a gun. No her from breaking bad fifty-three honest never seen break. You just told me that lasts commercial breezy. Haven't watched it. And i'm afraid i'm willing to be a little bit more buzz on it. You guys out here saying they're waiting for more information either way more people talking about breaking lines. I might be a little one up. You never seen the wire. That's here's the deal right. I like no offense but you're not watching the wire a little bit more believable than ben not watching breaking bad though got a ten year headstart though he's got a head startled wire you know but like i would say because i'm white. Well i didn't wanna say no. No no to ask me if i've seen the wire finally watched chris great. The wire is shows that you know we're so good legendary and you miss. The boat becomes intimidating to stare down the barrel be like are. They got six seasons of bad in front of me rabbit. Hawn that happens until lena haiti cubs in the studio and looks you in your eyes. You go to catch up with game. But they're saying that happened to me but then again didn't happen to me either. So but finished game of thrones. We're going to track down. Living legend jim hill. We were talking institutions hill. The first question is with the market seen him for years of course cover in. La sports is in the original rocky. And it's just known in los angeles press conference. I question jim hill. Unwritten rule unbelievable yesterday. Russell westbrook you see the photo. I posted arash. Markazi tweeted it. First one at the press conference. Jim hill two hours early. We used to do that at rams games. I mean this doesn't say he's always plus years legend. I hope we get him on the show this week. First round. Pick of the raiders back in the sixties incredible credible. I love these icons sport. You know these guys who've been calling games he's women who've been around the game for so long real appreciation for them. We had joe castiglione. Solemnities limits turned into that for action. Sports totally people come up to the students. Say i grew up watching you. There's going to be someone out there. He was walking. So we're listening. Who's gonna go up. One day to mike. Del tufo and.

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