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Vaccinated before and their family. But they're like i have to travel have to in order to do my work. I have to do this. Do you have a message to those people. Think you know i'm healthy. I take you know. Eat organic food take myself. I'm working out on the large person. I'm not a baby. My body can handle it. What will you say to those people that are considering maybe sort of breaking their rule themselves and just getting this one back theme see. I broke my own rule about two weeks ago. And that's one of the biggest regrets agra now because they can't go back from that Unless your life is on the line is say all right. Well a man. I appreciate you giving this warning. I think it is important to hear that this this happens to people that are healthy. This happens that people. That don't back nate. this is happening all around. And it's obviously affecting your life one. Thank you for sharing your story. Ahmed and and certainly give my luggage. Our family and lee and everybody else. Okay thanks for having me thinking we have you in our prayers. And i pray that you do overcome this and see this rear view mirror and get on with your dreams moving forward so thank you very much for sharing with us thank you thank you take care. Well i mean what is myocarditis. What does this mean i mean. We get into swelling of the heart. You know you have the cdc's saying well it's mild a mild and most kids are fifty percent of it. Get over on their own. I wanna talk to somebody that actually can get into the nuts and bolts of this so it is my honor and pleasure. Bring probably one of the most. As i've said one most decorated doctors we've had on a high wire today Dr roger hodkinson. Look at that cv. It's amazing he's he's had fellowships. He's been you know chairman of journals. I mean he's worked in so many important places and so we're honored right now to be joined by somebody that actually can speak to this. I don't know if you've got a chance to see that interview. Dr hodkinson but this myocarditis swelling of the heart. We keep hearing well. It's mild in most cases that didn't style mild to me. That sounds life. Changing out for med. How many people are going to be life changing for. We don't know and that's the problem. The big point about clinical trials is. You don't know what you don't know if you do it Myocarditis as the cdc describes it quote mild quote unbalanced close quotes. Myocarditis is never mild particularly in young healthy males. It's an inflammation of the heart muscle the pump of the body and we don't know what percentage of the muscles will have died in any one attempt attack of myocarditis. The big thing about Muscles is heart. Muscle fibers is that they do not regenerate like they do with the kidney and the liver for example. So you're stuck with an unknown percentage of your heart muscle cells. Having died. we count we count estimate the number and therefore the long term results utterly unpredictable. We do know from market isis of other causes before covert the before the kobe. Pandemic we do know that my code itis can present decades later with premature onset of heart failure that would otherwise not have been expected so it it's it's a it's a terrible worry for these people to know what's going to happen to them in the future and my heart goes out to them if i didn't intend upon their my heart does go out to them Because it is so such an unknown. They're facing it's. It's not trivial and enter the cdc to say this is imbalanced. I'll tell you what's imbalanced. Here's a cdc is imbalanced. That's where the imbalances that this is. Not listen if this had happened with a normal introduction to a vaccine over five to seven years and these these numbers of myocarditis would you probably as you said grossly the reported but even with the numbers that are being reported that would have been a shutdown right. there immediately stop cease and desist. That's how significant this is and because of this Alleged emergency which of course it's not. We could talk about that. The the the emergency so cold gave authority for emergency use authorization and therefore the availability of the virus is being morphed into giving it to everyone. Without involving these demographics in clinical trials children Pregnant women elderly people They were not included even in the four to six month trial. That took place unbelievable. And when you see we saw one of the members of the fda there on the Burp pack committee saying we really need to take eighteen months. Maybe two years to look at this. He's urging that we not you know recommended. There's vaccine yet. We saw this with the blood clots. We saw the blood clots. We've saw the blood clots in england. We knew that astra zeneca had this issue. It wasn't a surprise. Johnson and johnson a very similar product. Johnson and johnson comes along having the same issue. So you couldn't really just isolated and say well it's only these cases you had to add the cases faster zeneca and say there's something about this. Viral vector approach our. Cdc gets together and they come out and nothing changes. It's business as usual. Push right ahead. Are you concerned that that's exactly what they're going to do with the children. In this case to just say well we're willing to accept these numbers and we start hearing them say things like well. It's mild in most cases and fifty percents overcome it. You can do. The writing appears to be on the wall that they are going to try and make this seem as trivial as possible. What are your thoughts on that. Let me be perfectly clear. This so-called pandemic is nothing more than a bat seasonal flu for the vast majority of the population for children. They're actually coming down with kobe. Real kobe program code which is another 'nother issue with a few numbers than they ever did with the flu and so it it's it's it's the underpinning of it is all wrong The elderly of course you'd be protected in various ways that we could talk about but it was never never need the vaccine was never needed for something in such a rush for something. That's in the grand scheme of things so trivial and and the the the product of this calling an emergency is is the is the independent. That's the start of it. It never was an emergency. Never isn't never stopping versions now and therefore simply because the vaccine is available does not mean that it should be used willy nilly on all these categories of people who never actually been included in a clinical trial in the first place as you said of iran this is the largest uncontrolled clinical trial in medical history by orders of magnitude. An unsafe product is being injected into billions of people's arms with any clue about the long too long term risks that that's how it's medical malpractice on the most grotesque scale. We've never seen anything like this before. Dr hodkinson know. There's always an attack on doctors at speak out against either like obviously you have opinions about this pandemic about this vaccination but you're a path thala gist. What is it. I mean i was laying in bed last night. Thinking that the word theology is does it actually mean just finding the pat and how things happened or how they got there. I don't know. I mean that was sort of where my mind went as i knew i was going to be interviewing you but what is it. What is the expertise of dollars that you think makes you. Someone that can speak to these issues. Well have had a long career in academic medicine and teaching and and so on. And i'm. I'm currently the chairman of the american budget. -nology company doing dna sequencing for cancer. You might say. I'm deeply involved in all of this The signs at the sciences is clear. the the people that oppose people like me say that that basing their opinions on facts and not hearsay. Well that's all walian and again. It's the other way round that is no consensus in the medical literature for any of these interventions whether it's mass social distancing or travel bans lockdowns. There is no evidence in the medical consensus in the medical literature but any of these interventions to be effective so for you from your expertise in a lifetime of medicine and working all the way down into as you said dna and looking at what point in this pandemic did red flags go off for you you know and you say either..

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