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In staff. Probably like could he just kept that in house and just say is it would have the same effect? Sure. It would sustain message to alter it. Like he doesn't need to call a team meeting. Go. Hey, guys. I'm sorry. I acted like I did in Orlando, and I reached out to LeBron. And I kinda know where you guys are coming from. And now, I know where he's coming from. So I'm learning on on the road road here. I I don't think he has to go there. You can kinda just do it on his own and make the changes that are according. The make the changes accordingly without any he knew what he was doing that. He was being he was obviously knew there's gonna be a big story about it. And it was gonna be headlines about it. The patriots appointing the AFC championship game and every station in town lead with this year. He's not these kyri is not someone who's going to back down from the spotlight. Whether it's on or off the court like LeBron because he's interesting to see the thing with the connection with LeBron is he wants to be like LeBron in terms of something. Besides just the basketball player. Right. I mean, he wants to get into entertainment communications, you know, he likes that part of it. So you would have thought that'd be that connection there that LeBron could kinda take him under his wing, but Kyrie is just a different type of guy doesn't necessarily want to be told what to do. And again, I've explained to you the the mentor protege relationship. It's tough. It's tough on the mentor is it is on the protege. 'cause I always thought as a mentor that you just tell the protege what to do. And they say, yes, sir in it's not the case at all. They push back push back hard. And now I've learned that. That's not what you do. And now I've learned and benefited from that as well. So I I think maybe LeBron again who was not necessarily a leader when he got the Cleveland he had growing pains to so we're going to cut slack. Kyrie Irving, you also cut some slack for LeBron James who was not asked to be a real quote unquote leader till what twelve years into the league at thirty years old. Yeah. I mean, he's always going to be the leader on the court in terms of his play because he's always going to be the best player in the court, but in terms of the locker room. Yeah, you're you're right about that the big difference. I see you. It's easy to draw comparisons between the situation carry was as the t and now he's the mentor between and LeBron. I think the difference is with LeBron and mentor and Kyrie Kyrie was always an elite talent and was always showing up on the court and playing great games. Maybe he didn't like the way he treated him in terms of a caused some friction between them personally. We call them kid stuff. Harry always showed up and played really good basketball. The LeBron got whether you want to give LeBron credit for getting the most of Kyrie your. That's just a testament this Kyrie skill. That's that's up for debate. But here with the Celtics carrier and doesn't have a. Kyri Irving to mentor, Jason Tatum. We all think is going to be an all star level player. He's not there yet and Jaylen Brown, and this is the biggest problem I've had with Jaylen Brown throughout all of this. And why it can't bring myself to give him any credit in this carry Jason Jaylen Brown sort of debate is because he's been terrible the season. He's he's really not performing on the core grass. And if that because he's pissed at kyri will then shaimaa Jaylen Brown gotta get over it because he's he's the younger player. He's the inferior talent. And I don't mean bars. But right, we're in. That's the case. I know you don't mean to disparage him, but the truth is the truth. Kyrie Irving is an elite talent top ten and was before he got here and was top twenty talent when LeBron got there. So at least LeBron could look at him and they played together on an all star team. Right. And Kyrie at one the MVP the all star game. Not that that carries a lot of weight. But to be an all staff amongst other players carries one of the most popular players in the league. He's sensational. He sensational. I like he's one of those guys the two players that if I could snap my fingers and go on the court and play like would probably be Steph curry and Kyrie Irving because they're both like six three. So they're going to walk down the street, and you're not gonna look and go that's guys gotta be a basketball player and just the pure ability. They have the creativity the ability to shoot shoot off the dribble. I mean, the things he does go on to the basket there exquisite. So look those would be like the two players at wanna be more than even LeBron. You know, obviously, the bronze outsized in just just an incredible talent. But. In terms of just just looking at an average size guy who dominates in the NBA, Kyrie and Steph are the two guys that that piqued my interest. The most I'm hearing a lot of criticism of Kyrie for going over this Charles Barkley was talking about it the other night use as somebody that criticize Kyrie and people in the media here and nationally are not everybody's criticizing him. But a lot of people are, and I would say that. He's he's maybe you don't like the way he's going about it. But he's not wrong in that. Yes. It is the young guys fault that they're losing. Kyrie's holding up his end of the bargain on the court. He is okay. He is the other night, especially the eighteen assists. That's what I would like to see more of look, I don't expect him to averaging themes assist. The game. He hates ever does. He can you pick a point to a game or say, yeah, he really sucked that gain. He's played. Well, I mean, that's what I'm saying. What right. He's not wrong. No, no. But again as a leader, you can't just be there and say, look, I did my thing. And now it's up to you guys. You you can't we fall quarterbacks for doing this, right? When my guy says, hey, you know, wasn't open and I couldn't throw the ball. So whatever there's. The quarterback. It can't all fall on Kyrie Irving being the best player in the court and being the leader there. There is a shared responsibility on the team for other guys too. Not just produce on the court, but to help carry along with if he's if they want him to be the leader to sort of go along with what he's saying and not push back. So much of a lot of very mild personalities. That's the person I think is Al Horford is not an alpha at all now, Marcus Morris and Marcus smart, our, but our, but they don't have the game to back it up. Right. Okay. They don't Gordon Hayward. Certainly isn't. So Kyrie's your best player. You most talented player. He's also got the biggest personality so he can handle all of that stuff. But like who's like LeBron had Dwayne Wade perfect? Or LeBron whichever way you wanna paint that at some point LeBron in Cairo were together and probably at some point LeBron. Wishes that he did a better job of. I'm sure I'm sure Kyrie said at this point. He should have done a better job because he said so much that they would have still been together in Cleveland, you have superior talent you're able to overcome some of that stuff till short. Yeah. You may not necessarily have to be best buds, but we're talking about two exquisite talents. Right. So I think that that's part of it. But this to me at they've got Jaylen Brown problem on that team. That's the guy that I see that is is a problem like, but what do you do at this point? The trade deadline is just three weeks away the start to move him. And what do you get back in return? And how the contracts matching what do you do? With Terry Rozier, who is going to be a restricted free agent. At the end of the those are the two guys to me that have just they've regressed this year. Dave regressed they've hurt the team. They've oftentimes come on the court and hurt. Yeah. It's it's I agree with you. They have Jalen Brown problem. They have a terrorism problem, you can give at least Gordon Hayward. You could see he he's he's trying out there. He's not there yet. No, I sometimes it looks like terrorism is not trying at all or he's just playing from self. I mean, you had a dunk the other night, and he's going with you know, Jalen, Jason Tatum in there. Banging under the basket. And meanwhile, the other teams running down the court for a layup in these two guys seems like terrorism hasn't hit a three all year. I know he has. But every time, well, it's one thing ties, Marcus Smart's, become your best three-point shooter. These exceptionally a reliable Klay Thompson out there. But it's it's they've had a problem with some of these guys like I'm saying. Kyrie's calling them out. I get that. Maybe you don't agree. Somebody might not agree with how he's doing it. But it's not all on Kyrie and all carry being a leader on and off the court. There's a bunch of other guys in the team need to hold up their end of the bargain to coach who I've been criticizing all year long. Who you talk about meat personalities. He's got relatively meek personality. He's not a boisterous head coach Don rivers now. He's more analytical. Yeah. That he's not helping he could tell his, you know, he he could say fall you guys got to fall in line here kicked. Jalen Brown in the ass whatever's going on, but he's not done it. You know, the five I like out there a big moments Morris. Smart Hayward Horford and Kyrie and the kids are sitting on the bench. And then they've done this numerous times at the end of games. 'cause I think those guys are gonna play defense and play together much better. So Memphis tonight at TD garden Celtics trying to win their first championship with this group. A team that's won five championships together. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. We're going to hear it from their owner Robert Kraft who says. Both are the best ever. We'll talk about that next on the rundown. Because genius has now destroyed the impediment of the terrestrial radio..

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