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It's a lobbyist. I caught a lobbyist Washington. I yeah that that rant went on for a while like like three minutes long. Even though the story he was raving about was actually in the New York Times and he's bitching about the post trump's tantrum seriously. I I couldn't make this stuff up. Trump's tantrum continued when he and the president of Finland reconvened for a press conference in a formal press conference during which this was talking about before Reuters Jeff Mason. Jason attempted to get an answer to a very straightforward question. Here's the question you just make clear right here. What do you or what did you want presidents ability to do with regard to Joe and Hunter Biden pretty clear straightforward question the first time he was asked trump deflected with a rambling non-answer complaining claiming that the US is alone in giving monetary support to Ukraine and again this answer or non answer went on for over two minutes at which time Mason tried again about Biden. Will you look into online look Biden and his son are stone cold. Old Crooked is son walks out with millions of dollars. The Kid knows nothing you know and so do we go ahead. Ask quickly so instead of answering the question. The president leveled an unsubstantiated personal attack against the former vice president and his son and then directed the reporter Jeff Mason to ask ask the president of Finland to question but Mason persisted in trying to get him to actually answer the question he asked well. Donald didn't like that that Oh not one little bit. The question was what did you want presidents Alinsky to do about Vice President Biden and his son Hunter Yeah. It was just a follow up of what I just asked you sir. Here's the meltdown we have the president of Finland. Ask Him a question. I have one form. I just wanted to follow the one that I asked you. Which you want? You hear me you ask him a question. I will but giving you a long answer ally answer but it wasn't a question don't be route and that's the president wanted you to have a chance to answer the question that I asked you a whole hoax and you know who's playing into the hoax people like you and the fake news media that we have in this country and I say in many cases the corrupt media because you're corrupt. The media in this country is not just fake. It's corrupt and you have some very fine people to rate journalist great reporters to a large extent. It's corrupt and it's fake. Ask the President of Finland the question bliss okay. I'll move on now okay so so he did so then Jeff Mason said all all right he gave up three times. He's not going to answer the question I think I made my point so he moved on to ask the president of Finland do question but of course trump jumped in with his own answer to the question directed toward president needs so but the president of Finland did head at least get a few words in edgewise Mr Producer. Did you have here crate. Democracy could be going on. Keep it going on actually that that statement was made after the president of Finland said Look I've had some time to visit some of your museums and he talked about the history and wonderful there wonderment of the United States and he said you know you got a great democracy here. Keep it up or keep it going yeah so that all happened then one last thing from that press conference so so a Finnish reporter had the chance to ask a question. Donald trump went nuts and ask have a nice reporter. Oh of course they're all nice in Finland. You got nice reporters and so the president of Finland calls on a reporter who asks this because this is the biggest issue here at the moment. I have to ask ask what kind of favors has Mr Trump asked from you. ooh. Or the other way around Donald Okay so that happen so yeah and things just went berserk yesterday as you know things promised to be equally interesting today the House continues its impeachment teach me investigation into trump with recently resigned special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker who met with the House Intelligence Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committee's this morning behind closed doors. Well let me share with you. This just came over from the hill that Adam Schiff the chair of the Intelligence Committee Committee emerged from that closed door meeting in the capital basement where they were talking with The sub Kurt Volker again again behind closed doors. I don't know what kind of a readout we'll get on. We'll get on that meeting. If anything we can hope but but Schiff came out of that meeting went up to the microphones instead commented on Donald Trump's comments from this morning during in copter talk and he said quote to have the president of the United States suggesting urging a foreign country to interfere in our presidential elections is an illustration that the president if he learned anything from the two years of the molar investigation it's that he feels he can do anything with impunity. The president of the United States encouraging a foreign nation to interfere again to help his campaign by investigating arrival is a fundamental breach of the presidential oath of office. It endangers endangers our elections. It endangers our national security. It ought to be condemned by every member of this body. Democrats and Republicans alike and he went on from there so that all well that's all going on. There's other breaking news that started breaking late last night and into this morning earning so these new revelations coming almost hourly right and with them. It's apparent that trump didn't act alone on any of this. This Washington Post is out with a new story detailing vice president. Mike Pence is involvement in every aspect of the Ukraine matter from the Washington Post article trump repeatedly involved vice president pence in efforts to exert pressure on the leader of Ukraine at a time when the president was using other channels to solicit information that he hoped would be damaging to a democratic rival trump instructed pants not to attend the inauguration of president insolence gain may an event White House officials had pushed to put on the vice president's calendar when Ukraine's new leader was seeking recognition and support from Washington months later trump used pence to tells alinsky that US aid was still being withheld while demanding more aggressive action on quote corruption at that time following trump's July twenty fifth phone call with Zilenski the Ukrainians The Washington Post reports probably understood stood action on corruption meant the investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son hunter and there's more it's all outlined in that Washington to post story but there's more despite pence's protestations that he was unaware of what was going on the fact is that one of his top advisors was on on July twenty fifth phone call and the vice president should have had access to the transcript actual transcript within hours. You know what's coming next right but wait. There's more the Washington Post is also reporting that Rudy Giuliani consulted several times in recent months with my drummer. Paul Manafort Paul Manafort trump's imprisoned former campaign chairman for helping pushing his conspiracy theory that the real story of the two thousand sixteen election is not Russian interference to elect trump but Ukrainian efforts to support it Hillary Clinton. Oh my God it's just it's all too absurd. It's just nuts right and and yet another report gives evidence that Senate judiciary chair Lindsey Graham he's complicit to sent letters to the prime ministers of Australia. Italy and Britain requesting their quote continued cooperation with Attorney General Bar as the Department of Justice continues us to investigate the origins and extent of foreign influence in the two thousand sixteen election so there you've got okay Giuliani Lindsey Graham and Attorney General Bill Barr who also up to his ears and carrying out the president's personal personal political than data. This is stunning and you have the Republicans in Congress mostly sleep playing you know see no evil hear. No Evil speak no evil. They're just staying silent. There are some cracks in the armor surfacing though House Democrats announce yesterday they'd Subpoena White House officials by the end of the week if their demands for documents related to the investigation into trump's pressure on Ukraine to investigate Joe Right Joe Biden were met House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings said in a letter I do not take this step lightly over the past several weeks committee's tried several times to obtain voluntary compliance with our requests for documents but the White House has refused to engage with or even respond to the committee's White House officials of course didn't directly respond to the question of whether they'd comply with a subpoena instead focusing criticism again on the impeachment process itself now as trump's people circle the wagons. It's worth remembering Russia's involvement in all of this yeah Russia right. Oh yeah them well on yesterday. NBC's Cure Simmons was at an event in Moscow where he got to question Vladimir Putin and and he did he asked him about potential Russian interference in the twenty twenty. US elections and Vladimir Ladimir Putin mocked the question with sarcastic answer. He's Russia as Miller alleged attempting to influence the twenty twenty elections in the United States. We will tell you in a secret. Yes we will definitely seek Christie so that everybody can laugh and so we go b but don't tell anyone cleese. Are you fucking in kidding me. That's how the president of Russia responded to a journalist questions about whether or not his country plan to interfere in the twenty twenty. Wani presidential elections and the fact that this comes right on the heels of news breaking just couple of days ago that during that 2017 Oval Office meeting with the Russians Laverov in Kislyak the president of the United States told those two Russian officials that he wasn't in the least bit concerned about Moscow's meddling in the US election. Those comments prompted White House officials to limit access to the summary of that meeting just as they hit hid readouts of phone calls to foreign foreign leaders in which trump allegedly asked for political favors cover up much. Oh my God hey sorry got a little song for both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump ready to sing along meanwhile while all this stuff is going on the trump. Administration is still doing really evil heinous ship behind the scenes this from the New York Times the trump administration is moving to collect. DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people booked into federal enroll immigration custody each year and to enter the results into a national criminal database they sang Wednesday the Justice Department was developing a federal regulation that would give immigration officers the authority to collect DNA in detention facilities across the country that are currently holding more than forty thousand the people my God you know the cop in Dallas who killed turn neighbor allegedly thinking that it was her apartment that she entered when she shot him even though there was a red rug out in front of the door hoping made no oh sounds well we.

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