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Arena, formerly key arena is ready to go anytime the MBA firms up its plans. Lie with his brother. Todd has been offering similar assurances since summer 2018 before ground broke on the new arena. This arena and its ownership group have been designed to take advantage of that opportunity. Should it come our way, but we will follow the lead of the commission of the Lie. Wookies Point out. Their hockey ownership group includes David Bonderman, already an NBA minority owner with the Boston Celtics. Corwin Hey, co Moh news minute away, We'll find out what the winning answer was in our trivia contest. Well, here come the holidays full. Swing full speed ahead. And are you ready? Is your home ready? And of course, a lot of us are gathering in smaller groups, if at all, But if we are in our homes, we want our home to be cheery and safe. And that's the thought process behind the ZR. Shield that my friends At zero Rose have. This is a proprietary microbial product. It is specific to zero rest, and it gives you an incredible amount of cleaning and kills over 99.9% of the germs and bacteria that are on high touch services like door knobs and like I've had that service done, and I feel so much safer about My home Right now. They'll clean your carpets right down deep into the fibers and make your home clean, fresh smelling and looking great and as safe as it's ever been, Science has spoken. No one cleans. Like zero risk autumn. Ask about getting those er shield for the 1st 30 collars for a limited time. Get 15% off your service. Call 4 to 54539376 or go online and zero rez Puget sound dot com About 15. Minutes ago, Kiara posed the question in our daily trivia contest again was sort of a seasonal question. It was it was, it might be too late this year if you've already finished your holiday shopping, but a new survey finds that one in four people would rather not receive one of these gifts and I gave you the hint. There's a good chance you'll be using one of them this morning. What don't we want so It's not fruitcake? We have too much of whatever it is probably. Yeah, don't know. Don't know. It's a coffee mug. Oh, really? Yeah. E do have quite a few of them. Too many of them. Sandy Lawrence. Have wouldn't Bill knew, And she gets a copy of the.

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