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It's restored recently that kind of played a role in Kentucky we had very very unpopular governor Matt Bevin now who has had tried to undermine the of the affordable Care Act here which would have taken health insurance away from ninety five thousand people he attacked teachers he was quite a controversial figure but but basically in a president trump came the day before the election to route to Kentucky it didn't do any good and for at four Matt Bevin and looks like the same in Louisiana good song sign for I think states like ours which in which demographics are beginning to play a different different role all right exit poll taken here after the election had of any this year winning sixty two to thirty four among voters under forty and of course with women it's us he had a substantial margin so I think we're seeing here and probably in Louisiana as well the national trend where women people of color and and younger people are beginning to to determine who wins and loses so a quick follow up in terms of your home state to senator Mitch McConnell is seeking another term being challenged by Democrat in in the grass and based on what you saw in the returns earlier this month in the governor's race where does that put your party in challenging the Senate Republican leader well Mitch is also very unpopular I think one poll had an eighteen percent approval rating in in my district I know which is here in little I know he is very unpopular I was thinking that Donald Trump might might save him because a tribe won the state by about thirty points but now the last public poll had him at a fifty four forty three approval disapproval that's down from a thirty four point not approval rating down to eleven so it again it maybe maybe showing that the trucks not gonna be that big a factor but still he'll be on the ballot and I think that's going to work to McConnell's benefit well if he is on the ballot I think there's a sun roof some chance he won't be but it is if he's not on the ballot or in regret that or whoever our nominee as we have a primary will be will be a very very strong competitor to him why would the president not the on the ballot well I think that he might look at a humiliating defeat staring at him and in his face next spring and say you know what I want to go out on my terms I've made America's great as I can go play golf you're with him it's going to be all about ego and if he's looking at in a staggering defeat which I think is possible you may decide not to run that there's some people I will not even but pretty substantial political analysts who think there's a fifty fifty chance he won't be on the ballot and one of those from Louisiana as a matter of fact that's good enough yet but I think that that's it's still likely he'll be on but I think those are some chance that he won't be but in any event we're gonna have a strong candidate whoever runs as our nominee will have all the money he or she needs to wage to match Mitch's money and I think that'll be a critical factor as well let me turn to Christina Marcos of the hill dot com thanks for being with us cars I want to turn now to your future don't have to hold a jam packed schedule hearings this week with several witnesses but right now so far the polling has remained relatively stable in recent weeks the Democrats need to convince more Americans with these hearings to make the case for impeachment is there any way for Democrats well well I think that these hearings could I think investors on one of his testimony if he testifies all right what as to the conversations you had with the president might make a little bit of a difference but I think what we're really going to see the potential for a change a significant change in public attitudes is when the Judiciary Committee actually debates the articles of impeachment because I think what you'll see there is not just a phone call where there was a what I call bribery or extortion of Marc against the president of a a Ukraine but you'll see many cases of obstruction of justice in many cases of obstruction of Congress and you I think the American people will get a much starker picture of the the enormous offenses against the constitution that this president has committed the follow up hi congressman this is sandy with Wall Street journal how are you doing good good follow up on that point about the articles of impeachment one of the things that has been discussed especially yesterday when mark Zandi from the office of management and budget was on the hill testifying in the impeachment destination is this question of impoundments and whether the hold on the security assistance over the summer to Ukraine violated the impoundment control act I know this is something that as the chairman of the budget committee you've looked at any request information from on the about how this money was held up do you think that impoundments or how the funds were handled in the legal liabilities are possible legal questions there should be part of the articles the house considers I don't know I think that would be getting into the weeds probably a little bit too much to move public opinion we will actually per are working on legislation to put much greater restrictions on the ability of OMB to to withhold withhold spending so yes we're very concerned about that and Ahmad chairman Mike Enzi in the of the Senate budget committees working on it as well where so the Congress is focused on that issue this is a you know this is the preeminent power of of the of article one the the power to appropriate funds for the government that is exclusively the power of the Congress and so we we need to protect that provocative but again I think is an article of impeachment that might be a tough sell for the American people not to say that it might not be worth considering but one of the things that I think our leadership rightly has concluded as that we can't have fifteen articles of impeachment and hope to make a compelling case to the American people I'm C. span radio this is newsmakers our guest this week is house budget committee chairman congressman John Yarmouth a follow up on any Durrance point during that time frame early to mid July to early to mid September did you know that three hundred ninety one million dollars in aid to Ukraine was being held up no I had no idea and I think we didn't I don't think anyone knew until the whistle blew a whistle blower letter came out I certainly wasn't aware of it I as you said we we did request information from OMB and we've got some and but not all and then when the intelligence committee subpoenaed OMB they've they've made a determination they couldn't comply with our request any further but so we have information of about that and of course is now public knowledge that the the process was taken out of the hands of the career civil service people in the in OMB and turned over political appointees actually to actually take the funds away from our withhold funds from Ukraine so and we also know that the the Pentagon had signed off and saying that the these funds should have been dispersed that Ukraine complied with the terms of the date help thought important we have that kind of information but again I think they're far more serious offenses that our our caucus would wanna concentrate on and one follow up as you know you're calling Republican Jim Jordan Ohio insisting that the whistle blower needs to testify senator Lindsey Graham saying that he would not proceed with a Senate trial until that person testifies but whoever this person is has admitted that it is secondhand information that he received regarding the phone call this week we'll hear from people who will have first hand information colonel then then and and ask for someone so based on that do you do you feel is important here from the whistleblower the first whistle blower no other trying to do is is somehow impugn his his information in his motives and thereby in some way undermine the value of what he learned that the inspector general to but in fact everything that he mentioned in the initial nine page complaint was has been verified by the people who actually provided the information so they keep pushing probably well again I think they just want to come in and and and say where you were you're a Democrat or you're never Trumper and you have political motivations again that is just distracting from the substance of what the information that he provided which has all been corroborated but by witnesses who were closer to it than he was so there is no value in having him before the Congress unless it's to let the Republicans try to question his motivation and somehow distract people from the the substance of the of the complaint let me turn to Christina Marcus harden just to follow up on other possible articles of impeachment you've long been a supporter of impeaching this president do you think that the of potential destruction of justice allegations laid out in special counsel ballers report should also be part of potential articles of impeachment house considers or shouldn't this just be limited to the Ukraine affair no I do I do think that that we ought to look at some of those again and again they were denied a report there were ten cases of obstruction of justice in which Mister Mayer concluded that they met all three conditions for a legitimate charge of obstruction of justice but according to die because of justice department policy he could not bring criminal charges against the president but the clip very clearly said in the report the president obstructed justice on ten different occasions I think those ought to be at least several of them ought to be part of any articles of of impeachment yes any during of the Wall Street journal I'm sure I want to ask you about the continuing resolution that the house is going to take up this week it seems like that will last through December twentieth you think that's a realistic time line to complete all the work necessary to fund the government after December twentieth you too can go she tions are going well enough for that to be and date I think in negotiations are going well enough that we can find the vast majority of the government through regular order I think it will be tough for us to come to an agreement on the homeland security budget because of wall funding border wall funding but that doesn't prevent us from being the appropriations bills for the other eleven appropriations bills which Congress is supposed to do so I can see a scenario in which we pass those eleven appropriations bills and we do a continuing resolution for homeland security alone and I think that would be great progress nice Christmas present to be able to get that out of the way our friend out one as with the budget deal over the summer I was sick treasury secretary minu chin has been emerging as a key player in in the latest negotiations overspending it's here finally the only member of the administration that Democrats can deal with all these budget issues well I think right now nearly were you would say that Mick Mulvaney would be one as well but I think Nick is he has other distractions so I think right now that that is probably the case that secretary minu chin is the only one you mentioned I'm not heard of any other admin I'm not heard of any other minute administration official who has been part of the negotiations you mentioned Mick Mulvaney I'm wondering have you been in touch with him at all lately I mean I know that he's someone you're close with and you were you going to camp David with him and some other members of Congress have you have to touch with him lately no I I really haven't been in touch with them since probably shortly after the the camp David visit which was back in February or March I believe so I haven't talked to him since then and in the back to the budget issue one call I would take this call if you want to talk to me why is it so hard for Democrats Republicans to pass a budget on time and as a follow up what's the likelihood that down the road we could see a two year budget blueprint well I went to to your first question we passed all of our provisions bills except for homeland security and the administrative because of congressional ministry of budget by the end of June so we did our work and did it very expeditiously I can't explain why the Senate has not done its work but that seems to be typical under a senator McConnell's leadership there is no reason that we can't do it on the side can't do it that they have the drug they don't seem to be doing anything else except approving unqualified judges to the federal bench but we can we can do our job the is the second point I think there's a very real possibility that we might do a two year budgeting cycle of that last year we had a a bipartisan select committee house and Senate to consider reference reforms of the budget appropriations process that was one of the items that seem to have a a significant amount of bipartisan and bi cameral support I I think it makes sense of even though it's only one more year it does have the the effect of forcing us to think a little bit longer term and that's that's always good it would bring much more certainty to the department so they can operate more efficiently efficiently and not have to worry about programs being long term longer term contracts being written and signed a in research research grants being a cut off so I think it would be great for the agencies and if we did that and again it would it would allow us in the Congress to do a little more budgetary oversight which we have not done nearly enough of this is news makers on C-SPAN radio our guest this week is the chairman of the house budget committee congressman John Yarmouth he's interviewed by two congressional.

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