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Years, they still perform to this day. The lead singer of the group had a friend who just so avenue work for the British diplomatic service. Every new place he visited he tried to describe quite literally through the eyes of an average white man, for example quo. Uganda is just too hot for an average white, man. They picked up the name average white band as a joke. WBZ news time one forty eight traffic and weather together on the eighth is sponsored by the Berman auto express store, and here's clearly they've got a few problems on the roads this afternoon, but overall traffic pretty light. No Edens delays to report on the side of the Kennedy. You're good out to mantras at ten minutes. It's eight nine expresses twenty-seven out to O'Hare in about thirty three for mohair, twenty minutes in from the Edens junction building a bit on the up outside of the Eisenhower Laremy to Harlem, twenty four to Mannheim. Thirty seven minutes route three ninety inbound also thirty seven from route three ninety just twenty two in for Mannheim. Inbound Stevenson, thirty four minute ride to three fifty five. Inbound is clear and easy. Thirty three fifty five into lake shore drive up on Dan, Ryan, take you about eighteen inbound is twenty two I fifty seven and the Bishop Ford both moving well southbound lakeshore drive heavy Chicago avenue, but north or south of there. You're clear southbound tristate good to north banana brakes approaching the Eisenhower ramps with the big problem on the roads. Zaidi eight west jammed approaching the York road toll with a crash in the two left lanes. Only those two right lane. Getting by for the time being rest of the tollways are fine. No complaints on. I eighty eight ninety four ninety four sixty five or the toll traffic. Sponsored by the Berman auto express store. The new Berman auto express store is the expressway to buy your next used car. One hundred percent online just select used vehicle get instant from pricing. Nell delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign super five hundred vehicles. Berman dot com. Traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM brand new AccuWeather forecast, which has been revised.

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