Mike Pence, Republican Party, David Duke discussed on The Bill Press Show


The elected officials that will have the responsibility and doing it was announced say the mike pence is cutting short his overseas trip to come back uh a i don't know if you've seen the official mike pence dot com website it's a spoof site but it's brilliant um but uh you think that uh pence is coming back to to save the day i don't know i mean new do you think the day is save oval is there any way that trump can undo this at least with with the with the part of the republican party is offended by it i realized that there's a part of the republican party the loves what he said david duke thanked him yesterday but that david do i think it's the democrat but district a small fraction republican party that actually your support of what you said what i've seen as a lot of outrage a lot of people frustrating this president and i think the mic trade should try to help uh as well as anybody yeah but the truth is donald trump is the one that you can use could stuff on his own message so the only person that can really help trump is trump and if this point every time there seemingly an opportunity where you can help us out he does something else yeah it's it's really a mess and by the way david duke was i'm pretty sure was elected for one term in the house of representatives in the state of louisiana as a republican but i could be wrong odds yana caldwell republican analyst is call wealth city consulting called consulting dot com you can tweet him at g donald gi a n n o c l d e l l a friend is could talking to your thank you jio if you we'll be back this is the thom hartmann program stick around with a red that.

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