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Adams whose radio 700 wlw reds' twenty four hours a day of radio 700 wlw it yes we the books releasing for this point yet another way another other leave this is newsradio 700 wlw in studio continuing our conversation with the fabulous four well we got a name now mark danny marks midi jack mortar rob in larry's down and nobody knows who any of us are now under the cutter while you guys are officials celebrities now undercover yeah i i'm filling like this show make a celebrity absolutely absolutely jr lars open i i had a chance to go see of black panther today and i want to thank our delta sigma data that uh sorority there to put it on and man i'm telling you it was a has a great movement i like i said before i really had bottled the marvel comics but you know as a kid i looked at comic books but i wasn't that crazy and i know they got this the marvel craze worn out in dave our producer is given me like eleven movies the catch up on and i look at the lesson i'm like wait a minute i'm going from the the the wanted jess gatt released all the way to the beginning i'm i'm going to counter backwards but you know i've been told that many of himes in my life i would lo backwards but back on tests i want to go to the call go back to the phones because our mike in middletown you've been waiting a wild so mike what you got for us oh damn how are you today i'm.

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