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I go down motor group twenty four hour traffic center o'neill Stevens WWJ newsradio nine fifty and Neil's report was sponsored by Porsche of the motor city and now we give you the accu weather forecast from meteorologist Dave Samuel he says there will be areas of fog overnight tonight into the early morning hours the law will be thirty one degrees twenty five in some of the outlying suburbs patchy fog will lead away for sun and clouds mixed hi forty two in the afternoon tomorrow night partly cloudy lo thirty one for Wednesday Christmas day it'll be a mix of clouds and sunshine mild fifty degrees for the high Thursday and Friday still mild with high in the low fifties both days take a look at some current temperatures now clear skies forty one degrees at city airport metro airport it was cloudy now clear skies there and that is forty two degrees traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth traffic and weather together on the eighth and breaking news first keep up to date on the road every morning every afternoon everyday with news radio nine fifty this is the LC eight taking on the Philadelphia seventy Sixers okay how it's going a sports update is coming up in five minutes in all the buzz on the internet today is semi truck packed full the drugs caught at the ambassador bridge W. WJZ in Jenkins with the detail Canadian border agents say forty four year old man hinder gill of Brampton Ontario had his truck searched back on December fifteenth he was the only one inside the truck which was referred for secondary inspection that's when agents found thirty bricks of cocaine inside those thirty packages of drugs weighed about eighty eight pounds or forty kilos now gill has been charged and is awaiting a bail hearing Dan Jenkins WWJ newsradio nine fifty your parents police check today's been sounding off on the state's new recreational marijuana laws after two miners were caught with a large amount of pot related edibles and products they were package like Christmas candy she found her dad so state lawmakers have to get tougher on enforcement and accountability this just.

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