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County, public schools as well as law enforcement agencies throughout the Denver metro area and school administration right here with with Dr glass being heavily involved in conversations throughout that process. Obviously we are concerned. To get to get kids back to school. And so we're going to continue working with the school district the school safety Dame to make sure that we can do that in a safe manner and that during this very important week to the Columbine community that that those events are carried off in a safe manner as well. We are now hearing from Jefferson County sheriff Jeff raider at my team. I breaking news on this issue by saying that we are relieved that the threat to our schools and community is no longer present. And I want to express deep gratitude to our partners in law enforcement, especially the Jeffco sheriff's office for your vigilance and serving as guardians for their communities. Children. Also wanna thank the Jeffco public school staff for your professionalism your commitment and exemplary performance during this ongoing difficult period of time. I'm proud of you. And I appreciate you also deeply grateful for the support of the Denver metro area, superintendents and other state leaders while Jeffco was the epicenter of this threat. It extended across the whole metro area and affected us all while. This threat has been the most significant it's not the only challenge facing our schools in our community in these days leading up to the Columbine anniversary. I appreciate our communities patients as we continue to navigate these difficult issues. And I'm always inspired by this communities capacity resilience and capacity for good in the face of unimaginable evil. Looking ahead. We're planning on returning to normal school operations tomorrow with heightened safety and security procedures in ongoing Bidu in the days to come and the other events that were planned this weekend will continue as plan. Thank you to now, turn things over to our executive director of school safety, insecurity, John McDonnell, and that was Jeffco soup. Lasser fair the shadow of combine loose pretty large here. Jeff goal as as it does across the state in the country. For us. The partnership the weight have with the sheriff's office is something pretty special. There are a lot of lessons learned in nineteen ninety nine probably the biggest lesson was breaking down the silos and the ability to train together torque together to constantly communicate to keep our eighty six thousand kids safe across the district is a foundational aspect of of what we do. And when this threat came in. We are used to threats frankly at Columbine this one felt different was different. And as certainly had our attention way base our decisions based on the best Intel we have at the time and to close an entire metro areas. Not an easy decision. But at the end of the day, it's the right decision. The best decision to protect all of our kids. That's. That's pretty important critically important everything that we'd doesn't feel safe from school as well educated student. They can't focus. They can't studying. They can't take that test. So we're blessed in Jeffco, frankly to have support from seven different law enforcement agencies the providers school resource officers, helping protect our kids each and every day. I'm very thankful. This threat is over and we can get back to the business of warning. But we know that combine continues to attract people from around the world. And if I have any message where place to come visit if you're not a student if you don't have business there. We're not a tourist attraction. And we're not a place for you to come and gain inspiration. Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen. And now I'll open it up to questions. Yes. Right here..

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