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That was exactly your Simpson very distinct to the port young may always has been always has and always will be but for me Jamie you know the thing that I that I liked about you know what he just said that brief little interview that we had there's he talked about getting you know having the relationships with the players where again he can then hold them accountable on the core because as a point guard who was a little bit more vocal as I was it's easy for teammates other people to think that you're just yelling at him you're just harping on on you're not you're not doing it just like a coach isn't doing it because they're angry at you or their meds because that's what you need to do in order to win or to run the play correctly or to be in the right spot so you know I really like that he he touched upon that because you know I think you were talking about it with things like Chris Paul or somebody last year that we want that new team they were used to him yell at them right yeah control the way that he was and so that can work for and against you add that leader if people are buying Indian you're not winning and things are going in the right direction people can start to have a distaste for you real quickly but of course like you said he's you know they have the friendships off the court they know that again he always has the team's best interest at heart so that's why he can he does what he does to lead and he's allowed to do that because the players trust Adam they believe in him well I mean he's been a great leader ever since he took over the point guard position me he had to go get it John breed I meet him go get deposition not we had to work to be the starting point guard I mean it wasn't just handed over to him and he remembers how hard he had to work to get that position so he's gonna eight and was taken out of hand lately right so I mean he may he had three guys running point any rotated and sometimes there wasn't any day any remembers that no no no no you're right and I even remember Jamie I when that when that season verse started I voted for I thought Rockman yeah I would be the point guard right because I said at the end of the game who is the guy that we usually put the ball in his hands when it was Muhammad Ali Abdul Rachman but because codes be line again he went through the different ups and downs with Xavier but like you said because they were fought for that position he earned it he won it now he does he's won the respect of all those teammates the young guys who come in they have no choice but to respect him because of what he's done here over the past few years so again he is a little bit quieter with the media he's a man of few words but when he does speak you know it has a lot of meaning to it yeah an hour you know I like that we used to stay alive I like it was good my guy is John Teske Friday.

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