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Finally got shut down the closed at ninety, seven. And then after MJ died, they opened a back up for four years and they shut it back down. But it's like a, it's like a movie. It's not really like a ride, right? I remember sitting in a room and you watch this movie and it's like you're on another planet that you don't move or anything like that? No. Yeah. Lucasville made it with Disney pictures yet. It closed down a seventeen minute like full like feature movie seventeen minutes. And yeah, it was open for while it was in. It was in Disneyland. It was in Epcot Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland Paris, which is think Euro Disney, it's Disneyland. ESP Euro Disney. But yeah, that's some of the stuff that's being taken out of Disney and they're gonna have rights gardens, a galaxy never roller coaster, but they're going away from stuff like that. Like there was an Ellen show. One point that's gone yet. You can go deep with some old beam puck, right? And universal had the weirdest ones avatar has arrived, right? Maybe not universal. A Disney read dizzy ride because Disney owned the theme park rights to avatar. And the reason they can't make a marvel land is because universal actually owns the theme park writes in Florida. Disney's opening marvel lands everywhere DisneyWorld. But yeah, they there's an avatar ride in in address kingdom in animal kingdom. Okay, craziest line making avatar. One of the five sequels is supposedly supposed to take place completely underwater. Avatar. Five could make one of the future. 'less go to our board, the days of lights camera bars without avatar being mentioned in. I think it's because no Donnie if it's theme. Yeah, Donnie. It's a good point because this is the crescendo of the podcast. Okay. Water in movies and episode about water movies would not be complete without mentioning the man who is in love with the ocean. Jimmy, Cameron himself. Jim, Cam just loves water loves the ocean goes down the Mariana trench every Saturday. That's like things. Some of us go the driving range. He just gets in his little simmer submersible and goes down. There loves the water. So thank you. Mr Cameron the abyss which is his first underwater movie. I think that that make the list at all, but because I don't think I've really seen it or haven't seen him forever, but apparently it's solved one. It's really great. There's one scene where fuck I remember. I think it's is the main guy in it. He needs to go down at a super high. High pressure gradient. So the pump is helmet full of amniotic fluid moves babies, brief as a baby or whatever. And it's really gross because he dies and then comes back to life with amniotic fluid. It's great movie though. I hope Jim Cameron doesn't listen to this podcast and now get the idea in the urgency to release his water. Avatars, Kathy, just the kids, they love water, water, movies. The reason why he, he finally gets go with production. Thanks Donnie. That was it was it was a pleasure being on. I'm still brutally over and still at the office so go, I don't log off pretty civics. We did. We did a great. Obviously. I think many people saw who listen, what did a great west Andersen version of you making popcorn Rangoon's that was fun..

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