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Going to be able to come to NFT dot com and literally own NFT dot com slash Ben or Ben Greenfield life or whatever handle you want and mint that as an NFT. Now that profile is quite literally your gallery or your storefront or your decentralized identity on the blockchain and we're really excited for the users. I like to joke, you know, I'm quite literally not the CEO of NFT dot com nor as Andrew, where the evangelist were the founders of it, our users are in control or going to be governed by a Dao, a decentralized autonomous organization. I really do think that we now have the technology. And listen, remember, remember the Internet in the early days dial up, like connecting to it was a very poor user experience. That's very much true for blockchains and has been true in the very early days of blockchain. It's getting much better. And as that user experience improves, I really do think we're going to start to see a shift, how the users interact with the platforms that they use. Okay, so I'm going to repeat this back to you just so I fully understand. NFT dot com is basically something that's going to be very, very similar to this whole idea of decentralization, it community governed portal where people who actually are part of NFT dot com can do something like mint or for people who aren't familiar with that term just basically create known your own profile. Let's say like you alluded to NFT dot com slash Ben Greenfield. And there.

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