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Jonathan Pezzo the Creator and host of the series. If you haven't listened to parts one through four of Philip K. Dick. Second Variety. You need to hit the pause button because you're going to want to catch up on the first four parts in our miniseries before venturing further. Thank you to all the fans who've been tweeting and responding to the show. It's been great hearing from you and I can't wait to share this final episode of Second Variety with you all I want to let you all know this podcast is a labor of love produced out of my basement and receipt of California. So if you can please consider joining our patriotic and supporting the show, every dollar contributed goes back to making curious matter better and getting episodes to you faster. You can find our patriots at www dot patriots dot com slash curious matter. Philip K, Dick gave a some of the greatest tales about humanity's relationship with the artificial. It is however possible that the most Surreal Story of Philip K Dick's was created fourteen years after his death. In his nineteen seventy-two story, we can build you PK. De envisioned a future where historical figures were brought back to life as Androids it turns out that he this particular prediction closer to the mark than even he could have imagined in two thousand and five David Hanson and the team of Texas based Hanson Robotics Digest. That by resurrecting the late author in the only to appropriate form of a robot. Yup they replicated the man who invented replicans. This robot costs more than fifty thousand dollars and uses a cutting edge ai to make eye contact recognize faces, express emotions, and hold complex conversations laced with some of the authors, more salient quotes and anecdotes but the story doesn't end there. I mean what would Philip K Dick tailby without the signature twist. Just one year later while David Hanson was traveling from Dallas to San Francisco the robots had went mysteriously missing. and was never seen again. Let's get on with the show. This episode of curious matter is rated explicit and includes adult language and violence comparable to an R. rated film. Our show is designed to be completely immersive HD audio experience and his best when played through high quality speakers or headphones. So grab your popcorn, turn out the lights and enjoy the epoch conclusion of Philip. K Dick's second variety..

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