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The first thing that i actually want to get into and i think we've probably talked about this before. But can you explain to us the process of being on team jamaica. Because we know that you compete for jamaica. We also know that every country has a different way of picking their olympic teams in different sports but especially in track and field. So can you tell us how you earn your spot to get to run that. Fifteen hundred tokyo for team jamaica. Yes so jamaica has child system that is nearly identical to the us. Top three at the trials plus a qualifying mark or inacceptable World ranking on the descending order list gives you your spot to the olympics or whatever team might situation gets a bit unique. Because i am as of this moment. The only runner above fifteen hundred meters that has internationally competitive times and can hit national can hit international standards or be accepted on world ranking so often timelines. It's up to whether or not other people sign up for the trials It's it's an open system for jamaica. There are. i mean. There are standards to to enter the trials. But they're bit slower markedly slower than than the standards in the us And it's just an open registration system and it's always very hanway for me Whether or not occupied trials. I competed at the trials in twenty fifteen. I ran the fifteen hundred Even i went on to race. The siebel chase iran the shortest distance that i thought other people would sign up for which is the fifteen hundred. So did that in twenty fifteen there were three. Other competitors I won the race. And i ended up lapping. A woman in the race A masters runner and since two thousand fifteen. No-one has entered the fifteen hundred jamaica at and that means that. I have not competed at the trials since two thousand fifteen so i was just waiting on bated breath to see if anybody would register for the trials this year in the fifteen hundred so that i could go and compete at trials You know it's. It's a blessing in a curse to not have to compete at your trials. It allows me to take on other Competitive opportunities are not speaking for trials. But you also don't get to race with the opportunity to come national

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