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About safety. Even if they have heard it all before Michael board, NewsRadio twelve hundred w O Greg Brockhouse who was the only San Antonio councilmen to support these three charter amendments says now that the measure limiting the city manager salary has been overwhelmingly approved. It's time for city manager Cheryl Scully to resign. He says that he would support a shift to a strong mayors form of government. No city controller I think it's called a controller. Well, it's a compensated position. I think in the two fifty to eighty range or something like that. And they handle the day to day much like the county does. And I think that's where the position should ultimately end up as for mayor Nuremberg broadcasters at the mayor needs to do a one eighty in his leadership. He says the approval of two of the three amendments showed that the people have lost faith in the mayor because he made the amendments all about him a cigar shaped object from outer space which was spotted soaring and our solar system has scientists stumped on Harvard paper's suggesting that it could have been an alien probe university of Texas. Professor Brandon Jones who study space junk says while it was traveling quickly. It didn't do anything weird. It didn't do anything abnormal in terms of a major maneuver or anything, which is kind of did a fly by of the sun, which changed orbit and then departed our solar system. Other researchers say that it could have been a comet and asteroid or it could be a new class of interstellar objects and finally Astros. Second baseman Jose altuve has won the silver slugger award as the best of. Offensive player in the league in his position. It's the fifth straight year altuve has one making him the first Astro to ever do that to joins Craig Biggio is the only Astro players to ever win five silver slugger awards. Breaking news on the hour and a half and anytime at wwl dot com. Brought to you by I mar credit union. I'm Eric sharp. Newsradio twelve hundred W O. I could.

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