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Is a business group pps nobody's heard opened their journey by moscow on the massive french multibilliondollar organization so they are a kind of very stable bluechip it even i will always and benkin never heard of them and while i was negotiating with them on the terms of the agreement we would have i was obviously trying to maintain the sense that we had other options but the truth is i will know whether he had any so london is still the best place in the world to stand not offend tech so identing it was ever any real consideration given to doing it somewhere else just about every fantastic you won't do business with is nearby often within walking distance of our office the lots of talent i hear this town with work in thanking of frost at me quite useful so there was no reason to consider operating from anywhere else we are appearing on being an international business next year meaning will be servicing members throughout lots of different countries and that inevitably makes us think a bit less is rooted in one country but rather servicing and international member base from whichever geography is the right place service them from thai this actually less stressful and other startups i've been at war with we always been wellfinanced in comparison with any other business i've ever been involved in the fundamental economics of the business are strong so we already make money allow members activity day not startups have negative margins and that's our way sweden but we're not in that place we have a fantastic culture where in the last two years we've never had a disciplinary issue in the employee or anything like that said to be honest this one is easy of some of the the previous visits absorbing them be much more.

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