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Liberal cabinet minister Dominique LeBlanc says he will do better the mayor of Grand Banks, Newfoundland. Thanks, Monsieur. LeBlanc better. Go Rex Matthews is calling on the prime minister to remove this year long from cabinet because of a ruling that came down from the ethics Commissioner. Yesterday, Commissioner found that Mr. loan had broken the rules back when he was the fisheries minister by giving a clam license to accompany connected to a cousin by marriage, we reach mayor Rex Matthews in grand Bank man Matthews. You know that minister LeBlanc says he's committed to learning from his mistakes. Why isn't that good enough for you? Well, you know, the the minister like appears to me is making light of situation that is a very serious violation of a public office. I mean, the minister is one of the senior cabinet ministers in the federal government. I mean, when did you wanna? I understood that there might be potential for conflict. Then the minister should step aside. Removed himself from that file and had nothing to do with okay, his argument and he's accepted that he made a mistake and he's accepted the report that says it was a conflict and he should avoid it. But he said he, well, he didn't think that his wife's cousin was that close to him. That was like three times removed and it didn't seem like a conflict. What do you say to that while in in my opinion, minister would any of us would do that will public office. If if we taught there was a potential for a conflict, then we will make a call. We will make a call, explain the situation and see if I'm in conflict or not. He didn't do anything like that made some steps to say, yes, maybe you're, she remove myself. I probably could understand that, but the minister didn't take any action aegis steamroll this through the way he wants to go through in respect the people that live in Newfoundland labrador. And Graham Bank in particular, knowing that family and friends could benefit. And that's where the problem. Come in with the Commissioner found the commission says that that there was no could not find that benefit or preferential treatment was given in the case, but that the minister should have consulted. He should have consulted the Commissioner's office prior to making the decision because of the family connection. So you're saying that you believe that he, he did this in order to aid his family, what? What's your evidence for that? In our opinion we've had is the fall for for a long time. And the reason why I mean, I come to that conclusion that license awarded to a company that was a small insure company fishing company that didn't have the financial resources to engage in the surf clam industry. You need hundreds of millions of dollars to me in that industry..

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