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Ring with that sound. You guys know what that means. It's time for another episode of the clap report. A hockey pod were nylander span and canucks fan and talk about the news in the league and rumors surrounding the teams. This is justin across the town from damian and just to clarify we are not geoff merrick or elliott friedman. But before we get started we asked you. Please follow or subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. And also he asked. If you can follow us on instagram as well at clapper report and interact with us leave some comments slide in the. Dm's let's get the conversations flowing so damian. What are you drinking for our clapper report fantasy hockey draft. Yes yes special. Edition of the draft Actually got the kills. Borrow sleight of hand You probably familiar with this from last weekend. I still had a couple of. I'm drinking tonight. Dope it's a brewery from stanton island. Actually follow them on instagram. And they're pretty dope. I love this baby though. It's a A double dry hopped. Wpa i really liked the double dry lately. I feel like i had another beer. Like that was a huge fan of it so went back with it again. What attracted me pretty sick. Pretty sick so i have One of the hardest drink beers. I've ever had to drink in my life It's the quad rainbow from destination. Unknown brewing company It's quad rainbow. It's a belgian style. Quadruple ale aged in whiskey barrels It's it's it's hard to drink. I can't live you. it's pretty hard to drink So but it's going to ask me a while. So i like this is probably the last two hours so we should be good We also don't have a hardcore on the week. I just realized that So real quick. All shah abandoned. I really like just put out a song or like three songs. Last night This band called pummel p. m. e. l. the from boston They put out a song called nexen line and Pretty good pretty good. They got a good break down towards the end. It's a pretty sick. Yeah i saw that. You shouted them out on your on instagram story last night at but Other like yes. Yeah there are pretty sick. They're getting a lot of love from everybody So yeah. I don't know if we want to get really quick into it since we only have two minutes until the draft actually starts so damian inspire doing fancy hockey league right now. Julian is now in. See him now. and so yeah. It's a twelve percent yahoo head to head Points league it's pretty soon. It's probably most standard you can. It's twenty by him and So yeah i mean. We got a couple people from last year. Unfortunately it's all the good people from last year that renewed and which they're kind of unfortunate but You know we got. We got a couple of randoms and our friend. Julian so should be good. I'm drafting third overall. Which is pretty kooky i know. I'm a little far from where i was last season last season. That second overall this season about seven overall. I'm pretty Pretty sad about that. But hey this is. Actually one of the first schrafft's i've ever been like middle the row normally. I'm either dead last or up front. So i'm pretty excited. I thought they were first overall last year. Well i got mcdavid but The guy with mackinnon first civil last year. He tried to be quirky. Oh shoot you're right. Yeah that's right. I mean key that might be my pick If it comes down to do have fifty seconds left damian. Is there any way that you're gonna tell me you're drafting strategy. You're gonna pick. I'll take. That's what i meant and i can't wait for this to get started. I want to I want to get this on a roll here. Just a heads up. I'm though scratchy is mass couple days So i'm going to sound a little off but hopefully it's bearable for you guys listening jesus k. Any oh god and you said that you would see that you called him too. So he's oh god all right well. We are ten seconds left. Then all i gotta say is good luck so Here we go. You guys are gonna hear. Thoughts live in the flesh to one boom. The draft has officially started. Pucks in deep is going. I so yeah let's go. He has to take he'd even hesitate david first off the board. Thank god lassie's now. It's a friend. Julian i'm pretty excited. See he's gonna to care dry dry kim mother. Well no no. I'm just telling you that's not bad. That's not bad because you can get dry. Settle here which he's more like a flex 'cause they're going to have the center and the left winger compared to write. Now i have league. I don't to have a most people and Who do have other leagues have kucherov and i took matthews man. He reached that yeah. He reached a bit. So let me just say fuck you you ups. He went low mean low three. Yes the big mac. Leon out of here matthews. This is The board gotta go fast leschi here. I mean i think you have to. I don't think like if he passes here. I don't think i'm going for him. Yeah i don't think i'm going for him. Whoa really. you're not what. I really want to get a forward here before i start messing around with us. Left guys are top. Ten picks are emeka ranted. Pasternak marchand and lovie Besides zaluski so. I think i might go pasta here. Okay i think i'm gonna go. Yeah we're gonna go pasta here. I really don't want to go to the goaltender. Yeah we're just going for paolo man. Nobody whoa everyone's hanes gone. I didn't. I didn't wanna go with kane i wanted to but i was kind of nervous about him and like injuries and stuff like that. At this point. I might be able to get vassilev. Everyone's pass on him i. It's just it's hard to like. I don't wanna say settle with goaltender in the first round but but it's celeski i mean. Yeah no doubt. But i don't know i don't know man i'm also guys by the way before we keep this going. We do want to mention that we will be having one of our usual episodes will probably be recording monday right before the season starts So you know this is more of a bonus for everyone just for sticking through us through the crappy off season we had so we do appreciate it on bacilus. He's still on the board at ten. Yeah brad sham vacillated gone at ten which is interesting Yeah for sure yeah. I'm surprised about a surprise. Paren- went six. Niko is still there rotten. Say that's crazy.

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