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Been imposing tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of chinese imports trump saying the us and china have the largest trade deficit quote of any country in the history of our world i've been speaking with the highest chinese representatives including the president and i've asked them to reduce the trade deficit immediately by one hundred billion dollars it's a lot the president's announcement sending wall street stocks falling and bond prices climbing over concern that a trade war with china is coming stock indexes in europe taking sharp losses as well right now but thou jones industrial average down over four hundred points the snp losing around forty points the nasdaq off around one hundred correspondent bob costantini tells us president trump is apparently willing to be questioned by russia special counsel robert muller yes i would like to president trump said off microphone at the end of an event here when asked specifically if he wants to talk to special counsel robert muller the president's private attorneys including john dowd who was leaving the team i have been negotiating terms of a sit down interview of some sort for mr trump the expectation is the president would be questioned by others working with muller the trump legal team has been hoping did an interview of president trump would mark the end of the muller probe bob costantini the white house as bob mentioned the president's top lawyer handling the russia investigation john dowd is resigning as mr trump shakes up his legal operation the as are two hundred fifty six the nays are one hundred and sixty seven the motion is adopted with house passed a one point three trillion dollar spending plan approved by both parties it goes to the senate where passage is also expected but what about president trump let's hear from budget director mick mulvaney is the president going to sign the bill the answer is yes why because it funds his priorities there are major spending hikes for the military in the bill as well as made your hikes in domestic programs spending i'm michael toscano okay from the start i'll sorolla terry lee our vera apples asparagus banana bill pepper broccoli loubier is like mayor berry i make my texas superfood from fifty five raw vineripened fruits and vegetables we potatoes haya.

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