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Early two thousands. What a fun time. Some of you may not have been born yet. It was a heyday of mine. All my friends from college were living. In new york a we all would congregate at a place called don hills. Oh man on springing greenwich new york city so much fun dance and we dance to sweaty messes and It's what. I was introduced to a lot of music that i had never heard bans like pulp james and pulp. Make fun. it's paul. Paul coming people. I love that song. I think that's the first time i heard it was there and Lot of nyu students. But then you'd see like the be some fancy people there Just done to go their dance all the time with their friends were you intrigued. Buyer is certainly was. But i couldn't really close because there was a wall of her girlfriends dancing around her and as always donna and i not the namedrop we used to dance together all through lanes. I know but back then was named droppings zoe from don hills and we had so much fun dancing and Living it up being young and carefree. And i remember one of those songs that i was introduced to. God was it good. Cad fonje california christians grim. I loved it though. It was phantom planet. Where what is this song. And everyone went nuts and they started dancing and it was really and semi. But when i think of that song i think of That place in that time in my life which was really went on cherish forever. And now you all know about it so A gross is saying that not gross. Just embarrassing saying yeah. Who's embarrassing what you're doing with your because i can tell you a little embarrassed to do. It could be a dream life good being ship. You're listening to life is short on your style. Gic and slightly embarrassed host. Justin long sweetheart with me always. He's he's and his. Yeah the phone. Yeah it's a kind of obnoxious song to sing poorly. You know it's a really obnoxious saw can and and now. That song is so Familiar to so many people because it was later used as the theme song for a hit show called the host. See or the oc if you are parents yes that's how they pronounce it for orange county. Yes and it was a hit show created by josh schwartz. I believe yes. I don't know. Oh i think it was a hit. Show gossip girl josh schwartz. One of them was josh schwartz. He he's hitmaker of some sort and that songs written by phantom planet Alex greenwald. I think was the singer and a wonderful actor. A friend of ours. Hopefully future friend of the show. Schwartzman was the drummer. Who was the drummer. That's right and Matt jesuits it's a great musician here that other song. I loved coconut records. Great alyssa renaissance man. Why are we talking about the. Oc or the arc. Hocken that and a time in your life where like the world was. You're always turn everything was was right.

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