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Oh yes i hear that but i'll tell you when when he went allow state not only under discussion uh gina the value katrina in committee will dislike van isn't just like coach lima so hey it's yeah they hit the i wanted to sell the discussion about it in the gulf me kirby was asked this yesterday i'll ask you if the if it's not an issue then why don't you just let them vote oh i think is the way that if the windy opted for that might not appear to be in the best interest of every body and i think also paul i think he talked about this before lower key may be but lead we based our recused will call on the recusals policy paul ince sports committee uh articles a little farther in that we as we recuse people if they have the immediate family member employed by the school but many common sense that they wouldn't be involved in deciding about thirteen bill when you look at the match ups i mean i gotta be honest they are fantastic and just seeing what the committee did come up with with these four teams and you know yeah we spent a lot of time talking about how you got there but let's look forward a little bit in just what you think about these matchups in what you were able to arrive on in this great match up obviously we want to fall into the match ups based on the rankings but i'll be very surprised if he's not really to compelling semifinal games and then i think the left alert louis or sixty other or leave six games was going to be very compelling i don't know about you all but i just can't white but not to the disagreeable here just for the sake of being a but but did you think that was the case last year in the year before when we got blowouts with the two big schools i did he got me paul idea how.

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