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Rudy Gobert, San Antonio, Cleveland discussed on In The Zone with Chris Broussard


Beginning of the year obviously everybody thought they were definitely win in the west still the favorite i don't know the anybody wouldn't call them to favorite but they're going to have some trouble they have had easy rose to the final initially on last year sutherland and teams they play last year were hurt portland yussef nurkic out in the first round not the poor little would beat if he was there would have been soak up bennett on the second round rudy gobert injured san antonio they're down twenty two kowhai of course gets injured in game one they come back to win that game in that series was injured in the finals i forgot can you remind look cleveland wasn't a very good team last year i cleveland was like the best team in the east maybe a third or fourth best team in the league so i'm just saying that golden state is going to have a much tougher time this year than they did last year remember the second round they probably me okc okc has athleticism with russell west britain mainly but also paul george put an old dan can overwhelm peeve you're putting okc over minnesota even though the golden have taken two of three this year from okay so what out of regular season of course is the standard because if it were then you'd be picking okc over gold stay because they beaten goal being goes they twice air to in all against golden state two one against houston you're right minnesota's not going to be an easy first round series for oakley okc but if okc survives that i think they'll give golden state some trouble take them six game sacks yeah i think okc would take as it all right with westbrook his athleticism has overwhelmed opposing point got chris paul it did into chris paul and i believe it was 2014 he he is going to be tough if you're golden state you do not want to see okc in a second round not because you won't beat them but because that will be a physically and emotionally tie.

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Rudy Gobert, San Antonio, Cleveland discussed on In The Zone with Chris Broussard

In The Zone with Chris Broussard 2 years ago

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