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News report that the justice department inspector general has found evidence that someone from the FBI altered a document connected to the court approved surveillance hi II spying of the trump campaign they're ready for this this is all going to be part of Michael horror which is report that was investigating the F. B. I.'s rush investigation an FBI lawyer who has since been forced out of the agency may have altered a document involving the surveillance Carter page sure you have the judge just report the Obama justice department sh buying on an American citizen you got a justice department perhaps committing shenanigans involving that spying and it's all going to come out he just got to be patient what about impeachment let's go down the list here callers to see who agrees with me and who doesn't the trump wins in this scenario every which way but Sunday Charles you start with you how are you I'm fine now but you disagree with you somewhat on this so I I hear what you're saying some in some ways truck comes out of this well electorally already has because they don't have what they say they have everybody knew that anyway I'm just in a line for years on what should area does not come out of this then on top here's where we go I think they already know that they have started they can't be there's a loophole we believe that all the Democrats have to already know how this is going to go down just like you say it's going to go to the Senate it's gonna get quashed lose nothing can come of it but then they're gonna use that immediately their damage and they're gonna say well sorry if we had a democratic Senate we would have increased this is a crime to misdemeanor we've proved this which they have but they're going to they're going to lose that narrative wow that is that you know you know I'm I'm back I got to go back to your point a minute ago that you that they're not delusional they are delusional Charles they they I think I really think they believe in what they're doing I mean I I know why they're doing it was like but if they are smarter than we think they are they with their could be a problem in this it would not get rid of yeah well guess what because here's the part you gotta remember when it goes to the Senate if there's a trial you know the first witnesses hunter Biden I mean you know do you know how much you're going to come out it's a disaster for the Democrats I mean I I get what you're saying about their intention that maybe their intention but again the outcome there's no way that trump's claims of being fully exonerated don't completely dwarf there meek little book if we to have Republicans or Democrats in the setting that no there's no way no scenario where he doesn't come out on top how about you Brian what do you think my writer you think less callers no you're absolutely right the only thing they have is to try to damage Ultron's that all their Inglewood damage damage did you know that you're you gonna win then you're you're absolutely right I just don't see any scenario and I've tried listen I'm with and and and I know what Charles is doing you go through a mental exercise for you say where could.

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