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So then I had a super confusing conversation with max Pat about why do we have grout hawk middle. Why don't we just go right to her going thing about Dave hills? He played what we're in the ground. Now, I was more confused than Christmas. Confused. Chris had no idea what I'm talking about. I was like, obviously, there's a cut there because we're talking about NPR. And then we're talking about crowd, and some things there that was frightening frightening conversation, and then he was confused about what I was saying. I'm saying just go right to her going. There started the thing about David that's natural break. That's a brand new thoughts. Subject change, the see the part that. I thought you had a problem with was you said it was you didn't say this. But the part that I saw Chris what I don't say. What Chris here's the part that. I thought he had a problem with was oh, we went from grout to get tar. So I look. That that transition, and I thought okay. And I went back to show, and that's how it really went. And then you said, no, it's why did we even get into the grout talk. And that's I was looking at the for the Ryan. Well, here's what I'll deputize you with being a human being. And then now, you can listen to things no matter what you think I said and go whether we're talking about NPR, and then they start talking about real estate prices and grout done the only didn't notice the end it like all of a sudden, it was just from one to the other. It was a perfectly clean saying. It was perfectly clean. I do. I was walking my dog. And I didn't hear the at either. Okay. Good. And I know my abilities. And I know how I work and also no it's utterly insane. That we're talking about NPR hose for five minutes, and then I got into the middle of Detroit real estate and then grout, and then tile and other three people in the room with me were in on it as well. He kept up. I said it's smooth is that. Physically was it's insane. That that's how the conversation went. So there must be an edit there. And then I also use my deductive reasoning. And I realize oh that edit is there to get to Alison and her tar in twenty seconds. And then I went why didn't we just put it right in front of that? I'd like to hear version of that max patta. Okay. We do that. We can do that play one more time. And you'll hear again, there is no bump I wish there was something that lets you sonically. No. But if you were reading it like a transcript it would sound insane. From the discussion also mex- bad idea. What about? After listening to it. You're thinking that it is why wasn't that chosen the point? That's Geos edit and God if GIO I know you're listening. I'm sorry. No, look, he's got to get better than editor. Which is you look on the first one you had me going. Let's take a break. Perfect easy cut it right there. The second one you had us get to the end of NPR talk and then house and go eight and no Dave could play the guitar would have been would sound like we're switching gears to that subject..

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