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Trade you Donovan Mitchell for drew holiday right now. Interesting. Who says no? I mean, if you're in the fucking camera. If you're a Utah, I'm not doing that deal. I want pics and Milwaukee doesn't have the assets to get who's more of a winning player. I have drew ranked higher than Donald Trump. So I might have been messing around with the trade value column for three, four hours in the okay. I mean, without words, just the rankings. I don't know if I'm capable of. So you're saying if you're making that deal, if you're a Utah, you're trying to still win. If you're Milwaukee, I think you hang up. Really hang up. I think I'd rather have drew Holliday than Donovan mentioned. I'm trying to win a title with Giannis. You don't even see that of Mitchell played defense in a playoff series ever in his life. But is that because he's unhappy or wants to push his way out of Utah? What does that mean? Are you competitive or are you not competitive? I mean, that's disappointing. Like Mitchell at Louisville, in college. I think Jihad is a better player. I do. So with Mitchell, so at Louisville in college, he was busting his ass on defense. He was really good earlier. Early in career with the jazz, he did that. I interviewed him last year, and he talked to me about how the conditioning aspect that's been the toughest thing for him to learn in the NBA. How to know when to take rest and everything. I wonder if it's kind of a conditioning issue that's playing into the poor effort. With somebody like him, or he's just not good defensively. I just be that too. He also small. No matter how good you are, you're always going to I would rather have drew holiday than diamond Mitchell. I wouldn't. I am on the record. Mitchell, Mitchell scoring. I still believe in Mitchell. I'm buying Mitchell stock if you're selling it. We dread that Darius Garland or Donovan Mitchell. Darius Garland, younger. Right, better deal. But think about this. And if you're a Cleveland, I wouldn't want to trade for Mitchell. I don't think he's going to want to stay there long term. Mitchell's a big scene. LaMelo Ball or dine of a Mitchell. Lamella ball on The Rookie deal. Factoring that in, yes. Would you rather Pascal siakam or Donovan Mitchell? That's interesting. You'd rather have them. I would too. I'd rather have him, yeah. But that is that's an interesting thought, though, for Toronto, considering their roster. And you'd rather have Brandon Ingram than Mitchell at this point in their career. Oh, I love Ingram. You know I love Ingram. We'd rather have dame Lillard, Donovan Mitchell. Or we're assuming dean comes back as dame, healthy, the abdomen. And we're assuming that or is that in question? This is my point is, I don't think people think, oh, they trade Mitchell. I don't know if his value is anything close to what people seem to think. And so many teams have guards. Or shot creators, right? And I think for Utah, Danny ainge is gonna feel out the market. And it's very possible he feels that Rudy Gobert can bring in a greater return than Donovan Mitchell for all the reasons that we're talking about the concerns about his defense, the size, will he stay on this new team and the fact is, is that what somebody like him, how many teams need a guard? I think Danny goes to Orlando and says, give me all your white guys for Donovan Mitchell. In a Franz Wagner? We're going back to the old 80s. Jazz. 75% white guys again. I wonder what the highest pick is that a team would give up for Mitchell. Oh, the reason I brought up Mitchell well, Zach lavine.

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