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Let's get back to the pod. Let's talk Ferrari. So afterwards, you're speaking to the drivers this year so far. Carlos Sainz has been a bit down and that's understandable because he knows he's in a potentially championship winning car, Charles Leclerc, obviously he's had some fantastic results so far this year. What will the drivers like at Ferrari knowing it could have been a one two? And it was the second and third steps on the podium today. Science was, I think, shattered is the best word for him. He was very drained. He hurt his neck in that impact with the wall the other day. And also he alluded to a lack of race fitness because obviously his last two Grand Prix outings ended not far not long after the lights went out. So he just doesn't have that race fitness. So he was kind of clinging on in that race. Charles seemed a little bit more chipper. I think Charles accepted that he had extracted the maximum out of almost out of today in a way that he didn't at imola. So I would say he was quite sanguine about the whole proceedings while obviously not being overjoyed at finishing second. So there was an undercurrent of frustration there, but Charles wasn't miserable. I think Carlos relieved to have got a score in the book, but just a very, very tired man. Right, let's talk Mercedes then 5th and 6th today, Russell and Hamilton. So Russell made the strategy of starting on the hard tyres and going really long work particularly well. We even heard on the team radio fee they paid up played a bit of the conversation between him and the pit wall saying, look, let's just that the pace is okay. Let's wait until there might be a safety car later in the race, maybe some rain was going to arrive. They didn't know, but it was a calculated risk, a calculated gamble, of course it did pay off with that late collision between Norris and gasly, which meant that they got a bit of a cheap stop underneath at the time it was VSC virtual safety car. And of course, they didn't pit Hamilton though. So when had that last was 11 lap dash was it at the end, of course it was kind of a foregone conclusion. Again, safety car Lewis Hamilton, car behind on fresher tyres that he was Russell was going to get him. He did, but passed off track had to give it back and then do it again, which meant that he lost time and couldn't really attack any further places, but will Mercedes be pretty happy today with 5th and 6th. Could they have done any better? They certainly could have done a little bit worse. What do you reckon? It's a good hall of.

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