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The headphones. So you don't really shit. When you when you're singing, you have to listen, I sound really never to talking voice token Bush, especially I you know, I I've grown to appreciate it. I don't know if I like it. But it helps me when I hear it. I don't like to listen to it again. That's the same again. No. While tapping I'm okay with in my head. He's totally different than when I hit played back to me. And it's always been that way. Always always been. But I know on when I'm doing it, right? When I'm singing when you hit it when I hit it to do with vibe. Yeah. If it's moving me, right. Then the sound of it. Well, I mean, the whole process I play music, but I'm amateur last night actually played a show with slash and quite he's great. Great gone sweet guy. He's just terrific. I tell you, man. As an amateur stepping into that world. I mean, you guys gotta hit that fucking. You gotta hit that place every night. That's your job. I don't know. How the hell you do it? My fingers hurt. And I'm exhausted. We just did it to South America last year with guns, ammos. Oh, you did. Yeah. Yeah. Kinda guy. But he never asked about guy. Fantastic. So you guys played South America three years ago. No, no last you, really. Yeah. You liked way this. Well, those those arena C fifty thousand people the rookie Marie. I was good knows how many. But we've never been to South America ever whole career. Oh, yeah. Fun. It was fun. I mean, I it was I love the shows always loved performing didn't like going everywhere in a boom proof Land Rover because police escorts everywhere, you know. Scary new scary. Just. Leads this stuff, you know, zillions have one but developed between rich and poor south huge. Yeah. But to me, the fa vase is much more interesting than the mid. The poor it. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Real communities. Right. But it was everything else. Emplaced? She's like. South hollow? Rio every house middle class house have had Bob one fence she's rounded who wants to live lightly signed. Yeah. Yeah. Money away and get. So you haven't got these divide hit the Ida? Why is it seems to be an ongoing problem everywhere? The divide there's no middle and there's the haves and the have nots. Well, it's not too bad in England. I mean ever gonna soult it, no nature. Maybe out of a night. He ends of the week will be just as on the is now somebody. Yeah. Somebody will figure out an angle to get money back there. It's all equal except for that one guy. He's. How did he end up with that? But you grew up eating grow up. I mean that the class system you guys at least in England talk about it. We don't even mention the word class in America. There's not even a word. Well, you don't have class but use me. Well, you don't really you. Do you definitely do? But it's not talked about like that. There's no lower class. They're just people that have made it yet. Yeah. You have money. It'll you don't have money, right? All you'll black. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's why the blues spoke to us working class in England because we would we would equivalent of the black community in America were in in the fifth forty fifty sixty with buffoons civil rights right now. But you weren't as where I mean. No. But very hall to climb out of it impulsively out of it. And you so we kind of understood that. Being sweet hor and stunt. We will when we pull. Yeah. I kind of think about what we mean bought poll we didn't have much money. All right. I was I was born in Vietnam raid where we came out of the show on them came out of the shelters. Both ends of ashtray disappear. You're born in shelter. Now. Those booming host. I started to come on a railway station plan right in the tube. But anyway. But that was the world I grew up and people say, oh, you you, you know, we wound we credibly wealthy because we had. The war broke together. Incredible community and family right in numerous families. We had everybody had to share housing because housing social because so much been destroyed bombs dropping now. No, I don't remember remember the Bom sites. Right..

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