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Here. Lisa banana republic putting themselves in the same senate as well. Kanda was like okay. Wait what what is happening here. And then this idea of the brand refresh and what. It represents feels confusing. What do you think that was like. The most contradictory official statement ever anna sounds to me like they're just going back to their original vision of colonialism. Chic feels like to me too. I was like oh so somewhat problematic for a while and said they went from this idea of safari. Where and then over the years went to more work. Where but now. No one's wearing work wear and their work. Where was feeling very outdated too so this is kind of going backwards and i looked up the collection which okay it's a lot of khaki But this does not feel like host fashion new. This is not something that feels new. I like the idea of elevated basics. I don't know if that's what's happening here. I can't quite tell. Because i think if they said we're going to go back to elevated basics it would be received with very open arms but when you it sounds like they're trying to overcomplicate this refresh and i wonder if it's like just the words how they're describing. It isn't matching the reality of what's happening or if it's just nothing new i i can't quite figure it out. Whoever let that official statement go out the door needs to be put on administrative leave for a week or two. That was they just need a break because they just try to use every word at the same time they said it was safari meets tuxedo. What note is that they said safari meet. Something vintage meets tuxedo. Oh maybe it was far sorry either so many words. I'm using them at safari meets. Tuxedo vintage meets tailoring..

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