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They do. And so you're going to be thinking about them all the time thinking about their nasty little comment. I had this person who, you know, my book came out and a good friend of mine she posted like she just bought the book and chump, but she's excited about it. This guy came in and said, sorry, Mr. green, I hate to blow your pretensions. But I read the concede in your book was so wrong. The second. I bought it. I went back and return and got my money back something like that. It was like what what the foot. Why are you doing this? You know? I mean, it's like a friendly little thing where in my friend is really excited. What what's the point in? It really got riled me up. And I had my whole thing is my strategies, you don't wanna have to think about their nasty comments. You want keep your mind clean and free of them. Because they they thrive on making you think about them obsess over it. So I locked his comment. And I just did whatever I could not look at that page again and just get it out of my mind. So you don't want. It's not that you wanna let them have free rein. It's it. You don't have to think about them, whatever it takes it. You have to think about them, unfriendly them, block them, whatever. What about envy in social media? How is envy impacting us as a society? Well, envy's a huge thing on social media. So I have a chapter on envy, and a something I've been writing about in a lot of my books because I think it motivates a lot more behavior than we realize. So in my research, I was surprised to see first of all chimpanzees our closest primate relative. Actually, there are noticeable examples Primatology have found examples of envy among chimpanzees where if one chimp is getting more meat or delicious meat than the others. This kind of some anger and resentment in another chimp go do something later on to get back at him while chimps feel envy. And then I looked into like our hunter gatherer ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago. And they were envy was like the worst thing that could destroy the group from within. So they made it so that if anybody got gift they had. To immediately share it with other people. So that other members of the tribe wouldn't feel envious of them. So obviously envy has deep roots in our nature. You know, some of the greatest stories in the bible have to deal with envy. So there's something really really radical about that emotion within us. And what comes from is. You know, you're talking about being self aware. If you think about Dane and day out, how many of your thoughts revolve around comparing yourself to other people they have something you don't have. I have something. They don't have. You know, what you know? Why did they buy this car? Why are they going out with that person? Maybe it's better than my boyfriend or husband, blah, blah, blah. These other thoughts you continually comparing yourself to others than that's our social animal nature. And if other people have things that we don't have we feel pangs of envy, you know? And even successful people feel a lot of envy, you know? I. Talk in the book about Michael Eisner..

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