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Do you doing Things happening? Gremlins telling me he wants to take this up. So actor Mickey Rourke was the Grendler last night. He was probably one of the worst singers they've ever had in this. They got some people that can't sing. Man. That was pretty bad. Did everybody a favour by self Eliminating Lord is no more place TV line for tonight. You got football. Denver Broncos at New York Jets. You don't have. Well, you have something that looks like football. Celebrity family feud pressure like match games. A big game tonight over any bc Big brother keeping up the Kardashians the Bradshaw bunch. Dr Pimple problem. And new show on Fox Hill. Let's be real. It's puppets that make fun of politicians. Maybe then they were checking up. Alright, 7 30. Now time for your morning suit presents beyond this sea celebrity dirt producer and dancing with the stars revealed why, Tom Bergeron. And Aaron Injures got can't end waiting to hear this, he said. Quote. I think changing the host was all about evolution, making the show feel fresh, making it feel new. Kind of make it reach out, maybe to a new audience as well as well as aliens has been there for years that replacing them with just one host Tyra Banks change the rhythm of the show in an exciting way. Okay? I don't know if I agree. I don't know if I don't have any two hosts. So I'll agree with that party with that part of that time I liked I liked both of them. I liked Aaron. I like top, Did you? I mean, I don't know. I don't like Tyra says I do. But I don't like her in this show. I like run. Some shows like which is I mean, I don't like she's on top model. I'm like this is your arena. This is your world. Exact. You belong here. Dancing star? Yeah. So we have some good and sad baby news, Kevin Hart and his wife. Welcome to baby girl. Usher and his wife.

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