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In severed is so different than totally yeah so like i just i'm very happy they're revisiting that world but i did actually i felt san we've lost lucky to like dirt you is such a brilliant guy i'm actually surprised to see him coming back in very excited to play more of it but um both of those toilet called me off the should've called spunky junior because he plays a little little probability immigrant people would have thought it was a good dumbed down he's eversion for babies of what's berries and keep my my did and i badly spalinski below alsabah first full before we get into the 70s early excited about what should also mention that was a ton of viasa poyton that pressure which i was really happy to see like i'm always looking for that to noah going to be playing for the neck yeah and was a bunch of that are also like that segment that they had kind of e3 but i think it's like almost twice as long of of just games it's at playstation beyond them which is really and they had like a blood and truth than which is sony yes area that yes they they're the guy suited the highest yet which is like one of only was looking to see i think i said that like last episode like an actual version of that showed spooky games conference bougie un you'd will utilize leedle expediency is that one that's like all sound bacelic occurs it's not i felt the five yards actually by listener very cool guy oh us i i feel terrible 'cause i'm also scared of the game but there was no evita support we did not know now mentioned the playstation beyond yeah because his death on us but it it ed rollins on it every single time if that later amtel they announced that it's too i mean it's it is doing finding japan that's why they gotta do th you know send run could girl like looking to looked on against shirt and him or whatever the hell her sonal three dancing moon night and for some five denting startles vita.

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