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Com two or three seed in the NFC I can be the number six federal Joe Tessitore on the call on Monday Night Football ESPN as the Packers are kings of the north again for the first time since two thousand sixteen Green Bay your NFC north champions behind Aaron Jones career high one hundred and fifty four rushing yards they would twenty three ten Aaron Jones now nineteen touchdowns on the season just one shy of tying the franchise single season record set by Amman green back in two thousand and three on the other side Kirk cousins fell the only nine on Monday Night Football and also broke a tie with Jim average for the longest losing streak finally starting quarterback on Monday night in other news in the NFL god this is great rumors of Marshawn Lynch's return became real as he is a Seahawks agreed to a deal on Monday night a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter the thirty three year old agreed to a contract for this year only Sunday against their I talk with the forty Niners through the ensuing postseason run Robert Turbin also re signed it the same time any NBA James harden continued his ridiculous scoring spree with thirty four points in a one thirty one oh four win over the kings last night he's ever dual forty points on the road this season it's gonna have a chance to pad that stat total tomorrow when the rockets visit be all my god in heaven they play the warriors as part of ESPN and ABC's Chris mascot ball all day on Christmas and that is sports center brought to you by straight talk wireless straight talk wireless runs the same four G. LTE networks for for half the cost did the unlimited plan with up to twenty five gigs of high speed data than two G. for just forty five Bucks a month with no contract straight talk wireless only Walmart.

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