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And one zero three one WG wine top story. President Trump looking to turn the page with his state of the union address. Fox's Rachel Sutherland, President Trump opened on a bipartisan note, saying we must reject the politics of revenge. But he also cautioned if there is going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation. Women lawmakers dressed in white high five cheered when the president acknowledged more women serving in congress. Then at any time before President Trump also made the case for a national emergency on the southern border, but he did not declare one. He did call for a smart strategic see-through steel barrier. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News well throughout the address there were lots of standing, ovations and applause and not just partisan response either. However, when the president called for an end to foolish wars and ridiculous partisan investigations national correspondent, Michael Bauer tells W, G wise, Chuck and Kelly he wondered if judging by the lack of response to that line. There's legitimate concern between Trump and the GOP. We know Mitch McConnell has been talking about Republicans backing away from President Trump and some of the demands and he's making this concept of the national emergency. And it felt like maybe that was highlighted in that moment new CNN, Paul says about six ten viewers have very positive reactions to the president's speech in becoming the first African American woman in history to give the opposing parties response to a state of the union Democrats. Stacey Abrams is calling for an end to voters. Depression Abrahams election for governor in Georgia was marred by allegations of voter suppression. One person said to be seriously injured in an early morning crash that shut down a section of choice connected eroded live for awhile happened before five AM involved, a pickup truck and a Pepsi truck truck driver was taken to Albany mad. Troy Schenectady road was reopened by seven AM night. I would characterize the state of the CD as stronger more resilient and more optimistic. Troy mayor Patrick Madden, highlighting cities improving financial state and his annual state of the city speech says Troy is moving in the right direction with an improvement in the city's credit rating outlook, he says the crime rate is going down. And he's hoping to get south Troy pool. Open again this summer. It's aggressive remains to be seen. Whether we can do that. Or not mad and also took the opportunity last night to name Eric McMahon as the city's next fire chief McMahon served as an assistant under Tom Garrett who retired last month notice in yet from a federal judge on Nexium leader, Keith Ranieri's complaints about. What he says we're inhumane living conditions at a federal detention center in Brooklyn, rainier and other inmates were left in the cold for several days following a power outage, opening statements in rainier..

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